Chile and Group capitalize on the strength of their link

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Chile and Group capitalize on the strength of their link
Tue January 21, 2020

James Liang, president and co-founder of, met today with Lucas Palacios Covarrubias, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile to discuss opportunities to deepen his collaboration


The meeting follows the initial signing of a memorandum of understanding between Chile and the virtual travel agency with leadership in the sector (OTA) in 2018, in order to improve the visibility of destinations in the Latin American country and expand offers to travelers on company platforms.

Since the signing of the agreement with Group, which reaches 400 million users in all corners of the world through its platforms, including 300 million users in mainland China alone, Chile has seen a significant increase in the arrival of Chinese tourists with a three-digit year-on-year growth in 2019. During the last holiday period on the occasion of National Day in October, Chile crowned the list of Latin American destinations and Group recorded an annual growth of more than 300% in Chinese people arrivals.

"Chile welcomes tourists with open arms and Group remains an invaluable partner in spreading the unique offer that our region offers to Chinese travelers," said Lucas Palacios Covarrubias, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile.

The wines, gastronomy and natural beauties that make Chile famous worldwide make this destination enjoy many attractions for those traveling for pleasure. However, remoteness, accessibility and cost have been factors that hindered the development of a tourist industry fueled by travelers coming from abroad. The current dialogue capitalizes on this alliance and constitutes an initial step towards cooperation aimed at improving the Chilean ability to receive Chinese tourists.

"Chinese tourists show a growing interest in long-term tourism and experiential travel. As an exotic Latin American destination, Chile has enormous potential to become a favorite destination for those who like extended stays or to be a central part of the itineraries regional, "said James Liang, president of Group.

According to Group statistics, more than 70% of tourists to Chile stay in the region for more than eight days and the most popular itineraries point to Antarctica. In addition to streamlining the visa application processes to simplify the logistical obstacles of a trip, Liang said that improving the prevalence of English signage and local transport infrastructure would be essential to boost growth in the number of tourists in the country.

"Currently, Chinese tourists heading to Chile opt for Santiago, Easter Island and Punta Arenas. By improving the accessibility and visibility of our platforms, Chile has the potential to attract more adventurous tourists throughout the country and figure in the axis of the itineraries that spend more time in Latin America".


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