RIU raises its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

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RIU raises its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
Wed January 22, 2020

In just two years, the hotel chain has gone from investing 850,000 euros to the 2.2 million planned for this 2020. In 2019 it doubled the investment and in 2020 it increases again by more than 50%


The year 2019 has marked a before and after in RIU for the important role that Corporate Social Responsibility has acquired for the chain. RIU wants to face the CSR with honesty and implement its principles in a transversal way throughout the organization. For this, the company has established a new methodology that serves to make social investment decisions in the destinations based on objective and scientific criteria. In addition, it has made a substantial increase in investments in social and environmental projects, which will reach 2,270,000 euros in 2020.

RIU thus becomes a pioneer in the use of a methodology of social innovation used until now only in international cooperation. In addition, in each country the investment in social development is linked to the volume of business in their destinations, thus applying a proportionality criterion.
This method of action was released in Costa Rica in 2018, the result of which the project of the Pediatric Clinic of Artola, which has been underway since September 2019, and which aims to serve children between 0 and 14 years of age Guanacaste province. RIU has covered the necessary remodeling of the consultation and assumes the expenses of the personnel so that the service can be offered. This project covers a specific community need that also aligns with the RIU focus on Health and Children.

Another of the great examples where RIU has implemented this new methodology is in Mexico. There he has set up a specialized area for the treatment of patients with childhood and adolescent cancer in the northern part of the State of Quintana Roo. In addition, the chain covers the cost of cancer treatments in the children's outpatient area of ​​the General Hospital of Cancun. It is in this same destination where RIU has initiated a reef restoration project, for which it has created coral nurseries. In this way it is intended to increase the potential for resilience and adaptation of coral reefs and promote the recovery of associated species.

The hotel chain continues to work to offer the best service to its customers, while generating respectful development opportunities for the communities in which it invests. RIU has closed the year 2019 with 99 hotels in 19 countries totaling 47,982 rooms and 95,970 beds. The RIU professional team consists of 31,270 employees who served more than 4.9 million customers. Revenue amounted to 2,240 million euros.


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