Embratur reinforces with IATA the Brazilian government's goal of expanding the connectivity

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Embratur reinforces with IATA the Brazilian government's goal of expanding the connectivity
Wed January 22, 2020

Embratur's CEO, Gilson Machado Neto, accompanied by parliamentarians and tourism ambassadors, discussed topics for increasing and improving the air network with members of the Association

One of Embratur's priority guidelines is the strengthening of the Brazilian airline industry. Continuing the actions, the director-president of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion, Gilson Machado Neto, on a mission to the United States, visited this Tuesday (21st) the headquarters of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). English) in that country. Gilson was accompanied by senators Flávio Bolsonaro (Without party-RJ) and Irajá Abreu (PSD-TO), deputy Hélio Lopes (PSL-RJ), and Brazilian Tourism ambassadors Vítor Belfort and Renzo Gracie.

Gilson Machado Neto warned that the domestic market in Brazil has much to grow, compared to other international markets. “An American travels 2.1 times a year, while in Brazil, with more than 200 million inhabitants, this number reaches only 0.47. In 2019, we started a series of meetings at Embratur and we propose the creation of an Air Sector Working Group, with other entities, to promote the airline network and reduce the cost of travel. In addition, our last performance was the opening of a dialogue with the government of Pernambuco for the launch of a new direct flight between New York and Recife ”, informed the CEO.

According to IATA leaders, the entity has 287 member airlines, which represents 83% of global flights. They see Brazil as a priority because it is a destination with great operating opportunities. In addition, the Association praised the sector's progress in Brazil, in particular the reduction in the fuel ICMS adopted by Brazilian states.

Gilson Machado recalled that the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion will act to present more agile solutions for legal deadlocks, cheaper fuel, adjustments of the Brazilian Aeronautical Code to the Montreal Convention, which regulates international air transport, and revisions of tariffs charged in the country and that are not on the international scene.

Senator Flávio Bolsonaro said that several of the agendas of the Brazilian airline industry are on the government's radar and that the work is already being done with ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency). He also asked those present to list the priority guidelines of the segment, such as reducing the value of fuel and the Consumer Protection Code. In addition, he asked them to present a study on the relationship between the reduction of the tax burden and the increase in tax revenues and the decrease in the value of tickets.

Another point raised by IATA during the meeting was about the data that the Association has on aviation and accommodation. They said it is possible to target marketing campaigns that Brazil will produce, to directly reach passengers wherever they are.


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