Jamaica reveals new campaign in the Caribbean Travel Marketplace

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Jamaica reveals new campaign in the Caribbean Travel Marketplace
Wed January 22, 2020

The positioning of the brand shows the extraordinary impact of destiny on world culture

The Tourism Office of Jamaica presented today its campaign "Jamaica, the heartbeat of the world" the new strategy of positioning the brand as a tourist destination, which refers to the great influence of Jamaica in the world. Strengthening the position of the island as a culturally relevant brand worldwide, the heartbeat of the world goes beyond tourism and encompasses all the elements of the rich and vibrant culture of Jamaica, including music, cooking, sports, adventure, nature and wellness .

"We are excited to launch" The Heartbeat of the World, "which reinforces our position as a world leader among travel destinations and establishes Jamaica as the destination that every traveler should experience," said Donovan White, Director of Tourism of Jamaica. “On the map, Jamaica may seem like a small point in the Caribbean Sea, but its influence on world culture is the size of a continent. We are a cultural giant and we continue to have an indelible impact on food, music, sports and world literature; in addition to offering great and unforgettable experiences worthy of a wish list and we have extraordinary and talented people. "

After extensive research, Beautiful Destinations, the creative agency of Jamaica, developed the international marketing strategy that positions the destination as "The Heartbeat of the World", the rhythm that moves the world. A new television ad will be launched internationally next week.

The visibility of Jamaica on the international stage will increase this year with the premiere, on April 8, of the new James Bond film, "No Time to Die," filmed in Jamaica, the birthplace of James Bond. Jamaica will also have athletes competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in three sports: athletics, gymnastics and swimming. These global events, among others, reinforce Jamaica's new brand positioning as the Heartbeat of the World.


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