Palladium announces important changes in FITUR

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Palladium announces important changes in FITUR
Thu January 23, 2020

The Spanish hotel chain celebrates its 50th anniversary with important changes in its structure

Palladium Hotel Group began an important participation in FITUR yesterday, it is not one more, this year the company celebrates its 50th anniversary and today was held a press conference to announce important changes: Abel Matutes Prats, Abel Matutes Juan's son, has been confirmed as the company's new president and Jesús Sobrino, will be the new CEO.

In the presentation, the executives made a balance of 2019 and gave their vision on this season. In 2019 Palladium Hotel Group has managed a turnover that exceeds 752 million euros and has meant a growth of 13% compared to 2018.

Abel Matutes mentioned: “As there is no debt that does not expire and the deadline is not met, I believe that the time has come to redistribute the functions and separate the hotel exploitation task from the company's property. We have created a new manager in which I will no longer have competencies and in which the manager is going to be my son, Abel Matutes Prats, and the general director, Jesús Sobrino”.

In addition, he stressed that part of the company's success is due to the great team that they have been building over these 50 years and to the trust of their customers, thanks to which "today we are where we are". Abel Matutes Juan, founder and president of the company since its inception, will maintain the presidency of the holding company Grupo Empresas Matutes, to which Palladium Hotel Group belongs, and which will now separate the management of real estate assets from that of the hotel operator.

Abel Matutes Prats, has recognized his "satisfaction and pride" in assuming his new functions, which also represent "a plus of responsibility." However, he has been very calm for the "solid team" that supports him and has taken the opportunity to thank his father's presidency. "If we are here, it is thanks to the team that my father formed and how they did things".

Looking back on the group's 50 years of experience, Matutes has pointed out three fundamental milestones: The first, the opening of the first hotel in Ibiza; the second, its expansion through the Caribbean; and the third, the renovation of Ushuaïa in 2011, which meant a return to the origin, to reform the hotel with which they started so many years ago.

Nephew thanked the appointment while recognizing the "great challenge" and "responsibility" that it entails, as well as its commitment to the company to continue growing. He also stressed that throughout all these years "many battles have been fought", but that "the successes have more than compensated for mistakes" and that "today we celebrate a vision of work, effort, sweat and tears with great desire to move on and the commitment to be profitable for our owners”.


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