Civitatis unveils its 2020 goals at FITUR

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Civitatis unveils its 2020 goals at FITUR
Alberto Gutiérrez, Civitatis
Thu January 23, 2020

"Looking to 2020, we expect to reach 5.8 million travelers and double the number of activities to reach 60,000, paying special attention in Latin America," explains Alberto Gutierrez, founder and CEO of the company

Civitatis began its participation yesterday at FITUR, an event that takes place at IFEMA (Madrid) and culminates on Sunday, January 26. There we had the chance to interview Alberto Gutiérrez, founder and CEO of the firm. The executive mentioned: "Civitatis arises by chance because I used to publish travel guides with great success. I started publishing ads for different tours, that has been the germ of what is now our platform because we have noted that nobody sold the activities and attractions online.We have started with the destinations that were in high demand for very cheap costs. During 2019, 3.65 million travelers have enjoyed activities booked through the platform of Civitatis, being the most demanded those of Rome, Paris, Madrid, New York and London". 

"Latin America is our focus, beyond what we do in the rest of the world. Argentina is our most important market outside Spain, the second is Mexico and the idea is to continue growing country by country".

"Today we seek to adapt to each market with a wide range of possibilities and with local knowledge".

"Last year we have made ads on TV and radio in these countries where we need to grow".

"2 years ago we started working with the trade and we have been growing. Today that segment represent 13% of our sales. We have grown from the 4,000 agencies in December 2018 to 11,500 in December 2019".

"Among the advantages for the agencies is an interesting commission, the great catalog that we have, another important issue is the guarantee offered by the qualifications of the clients in each attraction, with which the good experience is guaranteed".

"Another important aspect is that we solemn a single supplier for attractiveness, that guarantees us to have quality products based on the great relationship with that company. In addition, we ensure that the reservation is fast and simple".


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