will dedicate 2.6 million euros to support sustainable accommodation

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Travel2Latam will dedicate 2.6 million euros to support sustainable accommodation
Tue January 28, 2020

Booking Booster 2020 will bring together startups, social companies, non-governmental organizations and accommodations of all kinds to explore solutions that enhance sustainable tourism


With the mission of making discovering the world easier for everyone,, one of the leading digital companies in the travel industry, today announced that the deadline for submitting applications for its Booking Booster 2020 program is now open , which supports sustainable travel solutions. Following the success of the three previous editions, in 2020 the program will focus exclusively on the issue of sustainable housing. The Booking Booster 2020 program will bring together startups, social companies, non-governmental organizations and accommodations of all kinds so that, together, they explore solutions that allow them to be more sustainable. With the 2020 program, participants with innovative products and services, including accommodation, will have the opportunity to obtain fund grants of 2.6 million euros from the company.

The idea of ​​focusing on accommodation for the Booking Booster 2020 program of this edition comes from studies conducted by According to the results, 82% of the accommodations that collaborate with want to participate in sustainability * and 87% of global travelers believe it is important to consider sustainable accommodations when traveling **. The program is designed to support collaborating accommodations that strive to overcome obstacles to make their accommodations and operations more sustainable. Booking Booster 2020 is made up of two complementary ten-day programs that focus exclusively on sustainable accommodation. There will be a program in May for organizations with innovative products and services that help accommodation to be more sustainable and, one in September, for accommodation itself, even for those who have just started on the issue of sustainability. The participants of both sessions will make a live presentation on the stage of the final of the Booking Booster, which will take place in September, to obtain funds from the company for 2.6 million euros.

The two sessions of the Booking Booster 2020 program will consist of a series of practical workshops and personalized counseling sessions to help participants have a greater impact. Participants will receive guidance and support on specific topics from the best mentors. Regardless of possible funding, mentors continue to offer support to participants even once the program ends, and put them in touch with a group of experts, who can help them during their tour.

“With the Booking Booster 2020 program, we hope to support innovative solutions that help our collaborating accommodations to adopt more sustainable practices. It's not just that our customers want it, but also our accommodations, ”said Rob Ransom, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at "If we bring together products and services developed by startups and organizations around the world with practical cases of leading sustainable accommodations, we will accelerate our joint efforts to make each stay sustainable."

Together with other public initiatives, such as Travalyst, the Booking Booster program is accompanied by the internal volunteer program, with which employees have long associated with local organizations to help with projects that help improve destinations of all the world. All these initiatives form and develop's commitment to create a positive impact on the global travel sector. For more information about upcoming programs and other opportunities, go to the Booking Booster website.

Startups, social companies, non-governmental organizations and sustainable accommodations around the world, including participants from other editions of the Booking Booster, are invited to submit their request for the session that corresponds to them from the Booking Booster 2020 program starting today (28 of January 2020). For more information and detail, including the deadline for applications, go to the Booking Booster website.


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