WTTC Global Summit to be held in Cancun

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 WTTC Global Summit to be held in Cancun
Tue January 28, 2020

The event this year will be held from April 21 to 23; also, an important convention will be made in San Juan de Puerto Rico but towards the end of this year

The mission of the WTTC is to promote sustainable growth for the Travel and Tourism sector worldwide, so it has decided to change the headquarters of the Global Summit for the benefit of Puerto Rico at this time.
The financial resources that were reserved will be used in consumer-oriented campaigns and marketing efforts, to strongly strengthen the message of "openness to tourism" in Puerto Rico and generate an immediate number of visitors to the island.
Gloria Guevara, President and Executive Director of WTTC, said: "The WTTC remains committed to supporting the incredible history of the return of Puerto Rico, as seen in its record year in tourism last year. Although the Island was ready to receive us With open arms this April, despite the recent seismic activity in the southern region, reallocating resources to continue this great momentum is the right thing to further strengthen tourism. We hope to organize an event in Puerto Rico later this year. ” .
“This change to Cancun will allow us to organize a Global Summit focused on the opportunities and challenges facing our sector in 2020 and beyond, and will help strengthen tourism growth. The Global Summit will benefit and exhibit not only Mexico, but the wider regions of the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean”
The WTTC event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, will be announced in the near future.


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