During the first half of January there was a 75% occupancy in Bariloche

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During the first half of January there was a 75% occupancy in Bariloche
Wed January 29, 2020

Although historically it is a winter destination, today the city is already installed as an attractive alternative for summer

During the first half of January there was a 75% occupation in Bariloche. What is the secret of the city to reach these figures? Throughout 2019 the city maintained excellent numbers in terms of occupancy, in fact, in winter they exceeded one million nights of stay. It was one of the national destinations with more arrival of national and international tourists. And this year it started with a 75% occupancy, which is expected to increase by the second half of January.
According to a study conducted by the Despegar agency, the number of Argentines who vacationed in the country grew by 5%, and the most visited destinations during 2019 were Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Bariloche, Mendoza and Iguazu. They arrive in Bariloche by air every day and arrive almost entirely full. The question is why so many people choose this destination and the answer is summed up in one word: variety.
Although the winter season is almost directly related to Bariloche, today the city is installed as one of the most important summer destinations. Its distinctive feature is to know how to adapt to any type of station and explore countless activities so that those who visit it can enjoy their stay to the fullest. It doesn't matter if you have a bigger or smaller budget, whether or not you are encouraged to adventure, Bariloche has a proposal prepared for everyone who visits it.

Rest at ease
For a family holiday, Bariloche has cabins or houses and for those couples who want to relax, high-end hotels or apartments. Those who go with friends have to choose between hotels, hostels or campsites. But not only one type of hotel or hostel, there are more and less luxurious so that when choosing everyone can find what they want.

Delight the palate
Tasting the richest chocolates is a sensational option for fans or little ones. For friends, take advantage of the heat to savor very cold beers is the most anticipated moment of the day and for families to try the ice cream of the highest quality, it is an excellent plan while admiring dream landscapes. The most picky palates also have their place because among a gastronomy of the widest, they can find even sushi made with native foods.

Dive into the adventure
At this time, enjoying water sports is the best idea for those who dare. You can go kayaking in rivers or lakes for one or several days. Those who love the sensation of adventure at full speed can go rafting in the rivers of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, or Stand Up Rafting, an activity that only Bariloche offers in Latin America. It consists of rowing in groups, standing, sitting or kneeling, on an inflatable raft specially designed for this discipline, with a specialized guide.

Feel the adrenaline
Children and adults who want to experience the sensation of flying through the forest, can do Canopy, because instructors are always present.
For the adventurous friends there is the canyoning, which combines all the emotions in an activity: trekking, rappelling, zip line, jumps from natural trampolines, swimming and climbing. Trekking is one of the most sought after activities and has its own page: www.barilochetrekking.com. In addition, you can do 4x4 adventure activities, walks and rides in chairlifts, among other options.
With activities for all tastes Bariloche hopes to surprise at any season of the year and this summer presents one of its best seasons.


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