APEX recognizes LATAM Airlines its effort to improve the travel experience

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APEX recognizes LATAM Airlines its effort to improve the travel experience
Fri January 31, 2020

The distinctions are based on the opinions of thousands of airline passengers

“Best Cabin Service” and “Best On-Board Entertainment Service” in Latin America were the two APEX Passenger Choice awards that recognize the work done by LATAM Airlines Group in travel experience. It should be noted that, in 2019, the company announced a process of transforming the travel experience of its passengers, with an investment that exceeds US $ 500 million.

APEX is a non-profit organization that 40 years ago evaluates and helps improve the air experience from the design, construction and installation of seating, entertainment and communications systems, and airport lounges, among others.

APEX airline ratings rate the experience on board based on comments from thousands of independently assessed passengers. The APEX TECH conference, held in Los Angeles, United States, was attended by APEX CEO Joe Leader; and from Juan Ordoñez, Director of Service on Board, LATAM Airlines Group.

“These awards are a direct recognition of the passengers, to the crews that serve the millions of passengers a year. To get an idea, a LATAM flight leaves every minute somewhere in the world. And they confirm that we are well focused on improving the experience of our passengers. Recently, we launched our new Premium Economy cabin, a type of service that will be available on all our flights operated by single-aisle aircraft. Today, we can say that there is no other airline in the region that offers as many cabin options as LATAM, ”said Juan Ordoñez, Director of Onboard Service, LATAM Airlines Group.

Meanwhile, APEX CEO Joe Leader said that “LATAM's continuous investment in passenger experience has been recognized by its customers through the more than 1.2 million votes verified, validated and certified independently by APEX. The work done by the LATAM team to advance their flight experience has been deeply valued by their customers and throughout the industry”.


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