Amadeus supports more personalized, connected and sustainable travel technology

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Amadeus supports more personalized, connected and sustainable travel technology
Fri January 31, 2020

In an event organized by the IDB, the technology company has shown trends for the sector with a focus on new technologies applied to the development of regional tourism

The IDB Group, formed by the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Multilateral Investment Fund organized between January 29 and 31, the CSC Management Team Workshop which proposes tourism as the Regional Integration Hub.

During the conference, we reflected on the potential and challenges of the tourism sector in regional integration and the development of local communities, taking as a case the new technologies and intelligence systems for a 21st century tourism, the opportunities for the IDB Group and public policy challenges in the future.

As a leading technology company dedicated to the global travel industry, Amadeus was in charge of a presentation by Ezequiel Cademartori, Country Manager of Bolivia Chile and Peru, dedicated to the technology applied to the sector. Amadeus has the largest data processing center dedicated to the travel industry with more than 75 thousand transactions per second with scalable technology created on open systems and service-oriented architecture.

 As part of his presentation, Cademartori focused on how Amadeus supports technology so that tourist destinations can maximize their Digital Marketing strategies, using advanced Big Data solutions, deepening the importance in the interrelation of the different actors that make up the ecosystem of trips, axis of its operations.

“We see an increasingly personalized tourism that develops customized and unique experiences according to the preferences of the traveler, in that sense the contribution of technology is essential, the traveler seeks to be increasingly connected, seeks experiences door-to-door which in turn are sustainable both economically and socially and environmentally, ”said Ezequiel Cademartori, Country Manager for Bolivia, Chile and Peru of Amadeus.

According to reports from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air tickets, both domestic and international, will double their volume by 2037, from about 4,100 million that made up the segment of air tickets in 2017 to about 8,200 million in just 20 years. With an annual growth rate of 3.8%, the travel and tourism sector is expected to contribute some 12,450 million dollars to the global economy by 2028.


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