In the month of Carnival, Rio receives 100 thousand tourists on sea cruises

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In the month of Carnival, Rio receives 100 thousand tourists on sea cruises
Tue February 04, 2020

The "Cidade maravilhosa" will receive the largest number of international ships in 20 years

The Pier Mauá, in Rio de Janeiro, will receive in February, month of Carnival, 12 ocean liners with approximately 100 thousand tourists. Of this total of vessels, eight are international, which represents the largest number in the last 20 years. The data were released by the concessionaire responsible for the management of the International Cruise Terminal in Rio de Janeiro. The forecast for Pier Mauá is an injection of almost R $ 120 million into the city's economy this month.

Tourists arriving in Rio during the cruise season are faced with a structure with check-in counters (check-in), shops, cafeteria, currency exchange services, telephone, internet, medical post, pharmacy, tourist information kiosk and services such as prepaid taxis. The spaces are air conditioned and operate within international safety standards. "This is very important for us, because not only has the terminal been modernized and prepared to receive, but the whole city is welcoming tourists," says Alexandre Gomes, operations manager at Pier Mauá.

Season - From October 2019 to April 2020 there will be a total of 112 moorings and 37 ships, 27 of which international and 10 national arriving at Pier Mauá. In the last season (2018/2019), Pier Mauá received 100 moorings, with an average of 380 thousand tourists, including passengers and crew. For this season there was an increase of 12 moorings, the number of ships increased by 10 and the forecast of tourists on boarding, disembarkation and transit went from 380 thousand to 425 thousand, which represents an increase of 12% in relation to the previous season. The number of international vessels has also increased from 19 to 27.

Cruise in rivers - The capital of Amazonas is another city with an increase in the flow of cruises along local rivers, fostering the economy and generating employment and income. Last Friday, almost three thousand tourists disembarked at the Port of Manaus on the biggest ship of the season. Tourists were welcomed with a preview of the carnival. The Amazonas State Tourism Company (Amazonastur) prepared a pocket-show with drummers, Bahians and dancers from the United Kingdom of Liberty Samba School. This is the largest vessel of the 2019/2020 season sailing the Amazon rivers. In all, seven of the 16 ships scheduled to dock in the capital have already passed through the state, bringing approximately 12,000 visitors of different nationalities.

For the president of Amazonastur, Roselene Medeiros, the arrival of a single cruise with almost three thousand tourists directly impacts on more than 50 segments of the Amazonian economy. “It is important to say that the entire chain of tour operators is impacted. Our economy is busy, with the receptive area, operators, gastronomy, commerce and culture. Anyway, the arrival of almost three thousand tourists on a single cruise directly reflects the state's economy and the entire tourism chain, ”he commented.


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