Colombia achieved high hotel occupancy during 2019

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Colombia achieved high hotel occupancy during 2019
Fri February 07, 2020

According to the Cotelco report, the occupation in 2019 reached a record level, standing at 56.96%. The figure marked an increase of 1.5 percentage points compared to 2018


According to the hotel indicators report issued by Cotelco, hotel occupancy in Colombia for the year 2019 reached a record level, standing at 56.96% in the accumulated January to December, which translates into an increase of 1.5 percentage points with respect to 2018, consolidating itself as the highest figure in recent years.
In the Cotelco report, the month of December also showed a favorable behavior, since the percentage of national occupation was 55.46%, which meant an increase of 4.67 percentage points compared to December 2018; a positive figure in terms of tourist flows, driven by the holiday segment in a period where the corporate segment is diminished.
For Gustavo Adolfo Toro, executive president of Cotelco, “2019 closed with a very important indicator of occupation, in part, thanks to an internal demand for strengthened and growing tourism services. The strategies of the National Government to boost the sector have begun to give results, among others, in the generation of employment, because when the hotel industry grows, greater opportunities and economic development are generated in the regions. "
However, despite the good occupancy indicator, in terms of profitability the sector has declined considerably, partly due to a decrease in the average rate and a greater supply of rooms as a result of the entry into operation of new establishments of accommodation. The challenge for the union and public policy in the sector is to generate business strengthening, which results in a competitive and profitable hotel that means economic growth in destinations.
"This is how important challenges remain to make the hotel industry more competitive and profitable, among others, the control of informality; the treatment of industry that matches conditions in terms of rates, surcharges and contributions; greater promotion; prioritization of tourism at the regional level and greater allocation of public investment budget to meet the needs of infrastructure, promotion and competitiveness of the destinations. ”, highlighted Gustavo Toro.
At the destination level, San Andrés achieved the highest occupancy level, with a percentage of 82.05% and a growth of 6.18 percentage points compared to December 2018. The heroic city of Cartagena was ranked as the second destination with the best performance, with an indicator of 68.99% and a growth of 6.57 percentage points. In third place, Magdalena was positioned, with Santa Marta standing out, with a monthly occupation of 66.15% and a growth of 10.56 percentage points. Other destinations with significant growth were: Boyacá (+11.09 p.p.), Nariño (+6.85 p.p.), Antioquia (+5.55 p.p.) and Quindío (+4.97 p.p.).​
The city of Bogotá achieved significant growth, considering that it is a destination with a high corporate vocation, which reached 51.99% and a growth of 3.57 percentage points.

Indicators of performance
Regarding other performance indicators of the sector that complement the occupancy figure, the real rate (without inflation) remained at the same level of 2018.


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