Brazil and the United Arab Emirates strengthen relations to attract tourists

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Brazil and the United Arab Emirates strengthen relations to attract tourists
Mon February 10, 2020

In another meeting with representatives of the Arab country, the CEO of Embratur informs the intention of installing a Brazilian representation in the Emirates and discusses the increase in the tourist flow in the country

The representative of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Brazil, Abdelrahman Almaazmi, asked for support from Embratur for the approval of the Legislative Decree Project (PDL) 667/19, which among other proposals, deals with an agreement to eliminate double taxation between the two countries and prevent tax evasion and fraud. Embratur's CEO, Gilson Machado Neto, received the embassy's Business Officer last Thursday (6), at the Agency's headquarters. In addition, they discussed visa exemptions for India, the Arab country's strong partner. Abdelrahman Almaazmi offered to mediate in the negotiations for this release.

“Visa exemptions for Indians are fully supported by the United Arab Emirates. It will be of great importance for tourists from India, as they have connections through Emirates and Etihad airlines, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with New Delhi. I am available to deal with India and reinforce the importance of the exemption for increasing the tourist flow in Brazil ”, stated the Arab representative.

In addition, Embratur's CEO spoke of the intention to open a Brazilian representative office in the United Arab Emirates. “In addition to attracting more foreign tourists to Brazil, Embratur intends, with the opening of the office, to expand contacts with travel agents, airlines and cruise lines. We also want to help attract investment to our country, ”said Gilson Machado Neto.

Embratur's Director of Marketing, Intelligence and Communication, Osvaldo Matos, present at the meeting, asked the representatives of the Embassy to nominate tourism professionals and journalists from the Emirates for new actions in Brazil, especially for the promotion of famtours and press trips in Brazil. “Our goal is to publicize Brazil in major world powers, in addition to promoting tourism, generating income and foreign exchange in our country. The greater the disclosure, the better the return on investment for Brazil, ”he said.


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