How technology can improve the quality of corporate travel

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How technology can improve the quality of corporate travel
Mon February 10, 2020

Matías Sole - BTA South LATAM Account Management, Mr. Manager of Amadeus shares with us an interesting opinion column

Technological advances make people's daily lives much easier, making processes faster and more agile in everyday activities, resulting in more free time to focus on what really matters. The Internet can now be accessed in countless locations, from traditional airports and coffee shops to small restaurants and public squares. Several mobile applications offer increasingly personalized services and online payments brought many facilities.

If these technologies improve personal everyday life, can you imagine what happens when applied to optimize corporate travel? Taking into account the potential of this market, several industry players and new companies have developed simple and easy solutions to make corporate travel more efficient.

Technology can collaborate, for example, to address one of the top priorities for corporate travelers: the location, according to Amadeus 'research ‘Corporate traveler welfare: keep employees healthy, happy and productive on business trips.' Through geotarget technology, it is possible to receive detailed and accurate information about the places in the destination city, making a faster choice and reducing the risks of stress.

As an example, the Avuxi startup service, which received investments from Amadeus, analyzes and rates geolocated data, such as comments, ratings and photos taken from more than 60 online sources, including social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Google itself . From the information collected, this technology shows what are the most popular and interesting areas of that city through a heat map, which makes it easy to find places worth visiting. Another novelty is the collection of security information, a service of the GeoSure startup, which is part of the Amadeus Explore program. This technology uses data collected to classify locations into seven security categories, including physical damage, political freedoms and women's safety.

In addition to being careful with the location, another point that requires attention and can cause stress to travelers is the need to prove their identity several times during the trip. Several technology players are developing or refining services to create a certified digital identification, which makes door-to-door interoperability possible, allowing automatic or simplified identification. For example, the platform to process Visa applications for electronic files. The technology was also developed in the Amadeus Explore program, a global initiative of Amadeus to help new technology companies grow faster in the travel industry.

There are numerous other solutions that aim to optimize travel and ensure the well-being of the traveler, especially when applied in a current context of social and economic instability, such as some episodes in 2019 in some Latin American countries. Technology is a great ally to improve the quality of corporate travel.


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