Aquarium Mar del Plata conducts training for lifeguards, firefighters and civil defense

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Aquarium Mar del Plata conducts training for lifeguards, firefighters and civil defense
February 11, 2020

The oceanarium developed a course focused on ‘Ceraceous Varamiento’, aimed at the general public and one more course on ‘Marine Life Management in Beach’

The Dolphin Company announced that its Oceanarium Aquarium Mar del Plata, one of the most important marine parks in Argentina, actively participated, during 2019, in the rescue of various species, highlighting the participation of its qualified team of veterinary doctors, biologists sailors and specialists, in the ceraceous beached.

Therefore, the biologists and veterinarians of Aquarium Mar del Plata designed the courses: "Training for volunteers in stranding of cetaceans" and "Management of marine fauna on the beach", which were taught by their specialists Alejandro Saubidet and Adrián Faiella on 27 January of this 2020 in the Party of Mar Chiquita, one of the 135 parties of the Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

“At Aquarium Mar del Plata our commitment to the care of wildlife and the environment is as important, as it is the one we have with the community in which we operate. Through our knowledge, we engage in animal support projects in vulnerable wildlife situations; all this, as part of our philosophy and in order to participate as agents of change for marine life, ”said Alejandro Saubidet, Scientific Director of Aquarium Mar del Plata.

It is important to highlight that, among the rescue actions carried out by the Aquarium Mar de Plata team of specialists in 2019, there are:

· Attention to a Big-headed Turtle (Caretta caretta), she was treated for her injuries and remained in the park facilities for veterinary medical control. In collaboration with scientists from the National Research and Development Institute, a satellite transmitter was placed, which has allowed its constant monitoring, after its reinsertion into the sea.

· Assistance to seven killer whales in a case of multiple stranding, being able to reinsert six of them into the sea alive. The operation was carried out with the assistance of the Argentine Naval Prefecture, lifeguards and volunteers in general.

· Attention to a large number of penguins affected by oil spills, the same ones that were cleaned and rehabilitated and then reintegrated into the ocean.

· Rehabilitation and reintegration of numerous sea lions and coastal birds to their natural habitat.

During the last four months, Aquarium Mar del Plata participated by sharing its experience in the “2nd Workshop of the Federal Network for Assistance to Marine Fauna Stranding,” in the CENPAT of Puerto Madryn, Province of Chubut; in the "First Workshop of follow-up of the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Sea Turtles" (PAN Tortugas) and in the "II Seminar of Rehabilitation and Conservation of Marine Fauna in San Clemente del Tuyú, Buenos Aires. In addition, he taught with great success two courses on “Management of Marine Fauna in Beach” at the Lifeguard School.

The Dolphin Company, through Aquarium Mar del Plata, will continue with rescue and training actions, reinforcing its commitment to society, the environment and the species that make it up, always ensuring its well-being.


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