Amadeus NDC [X] program continues to grow

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Amadeus NDC [X] program continues to grow
Wed February 12, 2020

Japan Airlines will be one of the partner airlines of the program that combines all NDC initiatives in the same framework


Japan Airlines (JAL) is driving its sales transformation following the recent initiative of the airline and Amadeus to strengthen its strategic alliance, in which Amadeus has become the recommended distribution partner of the airline for travel agents in Japan.

The implementation of Amadeus Altéa NDC will help JAL to enhance sales offers and service management through multiple channels, guaranteeing the offer of a consistent large-scale brand.

JAL will integrate its NDC content in Amadeus Travel Platform for distribution through Amadeus NDC Connect, a solution specifically designed for airlines with Altéa, so that travel agencies around the world have their NDC content in the simplest way.

For Amadeus travel agencies, this means that Japan Airlines NDC content will soon be available through the Amadeus Travel Platform through NDC connectivity, ensuring operational continuity and access to JAL's extensive catalog of offers.

“New technologies such as NDC will add value to the experience of our customers and will serve as a reinforcement for our long-term digital transformation strategy. Our goal is to differentiate our travel offers thanks to their value, and not just their price, ”said Yoriyuki Kashiwagi, Executive Officer, Managing Division Passenger Sales, Japan Airlines Co. Ltd.

Cyril Tetaz, Executive Vice President, Airlines, Amadeus, Asia-Pacific, commented: “We believe that opening up to innovation and multichannel sales opportunities is crucial for airlines. They are undergoing a digital transformation and NDC is one of the ways in which they can improve their sales capabilities. Thanks to Amadeus NDC Connect, JAL will be able to work quickly and easily, which will contribute to its long-term digital innovation strategy to distribute NDC effectively. ”

Japan Airlines will be one of the partner airlines of the NDC [X] Amadeus program, which combines all NDC initiatives in the same framework. Currently, more than 25 travel agencies and 16 airlines are part of the program. Amadeus is committed to ensuring that NDC operates on a large scale on all channels, both direct and indirect, in order to ensure that airlines can easily distribute their content through the channels they prefer, and that travel agencies can compare , reserve and offer all content side by side regardless of the source.

As part of Amadeus' commitment to make NDC a reality, at Amadeus we have been continuously making progress to acquire IATA certification of NDC functions and have obtained double certification at level 4, as a distributor and as an IT provider.


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