Costa Rica hosts an international event on natural emergencies

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Costa Rica hosts an international event on natural emergencies
Thu February 13, 2020

Understanding Risk is a conference organized by the World Bank that brings together 500 international experts. The inauguration has been in charge of Carlos Alvarado, president of the Central American country

From February 12 to 14, Costa Rica hosts the Understanding Risk Central America, a conference where nearly 500 international experts meet to discuss practices and innovations for disaster risk compression and climate risk in Central America.
Experts, organizations, and academic institutions participate in the activity carried out at the Costa Rica Convention Center, who will seek to build strategic alliances to move from understanding risk to action in disaster resilience.
In addition, various topics in social inclusion, community commitment, cultural heritage, coastal resilience, meteorological, climatic and hydrological services, fiscal and financial resilience, urban planning, risk analysis and risk communication will be addressed.
Carlos Alvarado, President of the Republic, participated in the inauguration on Wednesday; Vinicio Cerezo, General Secretary of the Central American Integration System (SICA); Seynabou Sakho, director of the World Bank for Central America; NASA researchers such as Sandra Cauffman and Daniel E. Irwin, and the Waze country manager for Colombia, Peru and Central America, among other guests.​
President Carlos Alvarado stressed the importance of community involvement for protection against the phenomena of climate change. "Our goal is to reach an alliance that allows us to protect citizens through preventive actions and preparation, through the empowerment of communities," he said.​
President Carlos Alvarado, prior to his presentation in the activity, participated in a meeting with Vinicio Cerezo, Secretary General of SICA and other experts.​
Coincidentally, Alexander Solís, president of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Assistance (CNE), highlighted the importance of these spaces for dialogue and learning and all the positive things that this will generate for the country, by strengthening the management issues of Risk from experts around the world.​
The CNE is the focal point in the country for the realization of this activity that will culminate next Friday with a presentation by the First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles.

UR Central America​
Globally, Understanding Risk (UR) is a community with more than 9000 members from 180 countries and 2000 organizations.​
Understading Risk Central America is organized by the World Bank and is the first time it has been carried out in Central America and the second time at the regional level in Latin America. The Central American region was chosen because it is one of the most vulnerable in the world, with frequent impacts of distress and challenges in the socioeconomic development of the countries that comprise it.
“The fact that this first edition of Understanding Risk Central America takes place in Costa Rica represents a recognition and strong impetus for the Disaster Risk Management agenda of our country,” said Solís.


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