The role of corporate agencies to enhance the well-being of travelers

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The role of corporate agencies to enhance the well-being of travelers
Mon February 17, 2020

Adriana Gonzalez - Amadeus BTA Manager Mexico, Caribbean & Central America shares a column where it reveals that being a client advisor, being an educator and using all the technology available in the sector are the key points

Minimizing the stress faced by the corporate traveler is undoubtedly a differentiator for players in a market as competitive as business travel. Taking into account what the employee indicates, establishing internal policies that have well-being among the objectives of the managers and using technology to improve the quality of travel are just some of the ways to address this stress reduction.

According to the results of our survey 'The well-being of the corporate traveler: keeping employees healthy, happy and productive on business trips', three attitudes are key to this: being a client advisor, being an educator and finally, using all the technology available in the sector.

According to this Amadeus survey, it is observed that many companies adopt few measures for the well-being of travelers. Therefore, we understand that your agency could occupy this advisory space and adopt a more strategic approach to guarantee the quality of corporate travel. For the agency, work as an advisor to its clients, it would be to suggest and point out applications or technology to help the traveler optimize their time while traveling: find good restaurants for lunch with clients in Panama or even an additional service for the traveler you want Enjoy the business trip to Mexico and take a few days of vacation to get to know Cancun.

The role of the educator, in turn, is built to the extent that the issue of well-being always appears in strategic conversations, for example, during a visit to the client where industry ideas and good examples of a good discussion are discussed. policy enforcement These themes can be easily reinforced with a gift that makes the discussion palpable, such as a pillow or an eye mask to indicate how a good night's sleep while traveling affects employee productivity.

With regard to the use of technology, our recommendation is always to suggest to clients solutions that personalize the services, facilitate the stages of the trip and are available to the traveler, always with the objective of reducing stress, creating possibilities to optimize time and Increase the performance of its employees, which directly affects the results of the company. Amadeus offers solutions to make life easier for both the business travel agency, corporations and their travelers, as well as the award-winning Check my trip mobile solution.

It is important for the travel agency to take into account its role in reducing the stress of the corporate traveler in order to excel in the service to its customers and boost their business.


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