Brazil's Carnival will generate business for about US $ 2 billion

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Brazil's Carnival will generate business for about US $ 2 billion
Wed February 19, 2020

The National Tourism Confederation of Brazil estimates that tourism activities related to the carnival could generate around R $ 8 billion this year ($ 1.85 billion) and employ more than 25 thousand workers


The recovery of economic activity in Brazil, combined with low inflation, suggests a positive scenario for the businesses generated by the main celebration of the Brazilian calendar, as estimated by the National Tourism Confederation of Brazil. According to the entity, segments such as bars and restaurants (US $ 1.1 billion), transportation of land and air passengers (US $ 302 million) and hotel and inn accommodation services (US $ 200 million) they will represent more than 88% of all income generated during the carnival holiday.

The businesses generated during the celebrations -which convene massive transfers of national and international tourists-, would add 8 billion reais, about 1,850 million dollars, and the largest volume of income from the party since 2015.

The Brazilian carnival is celebrated nationwide, although the festivals of some cities are more famous and crowded, as is the case in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife-Olinda, Salvador or Belo Horizonte. This year the official celebrations extend from February 21 to 26.

The survey also shows that Rio de Janeiro will continue to be the state with the greatest generation of resources during the holiday, with $ 539 million, followed by São Paulo, with $ 453 million, and Bahia, with $ 262 million.

In relative terms, the highest real growth rate in income is expected to occur in São Paulo (+ 5.4%) and Pernambuco (+ 3.2%). On the other hand, the revenues of the Ceará carnival would be the only ones to register a fall (-2.9%) in this year.

The survey also estimates that companies in the sector will hire 25,400 temporary workers between January and February of this year, 2.8% more than the 24,700 of the 2019 carnival. Of this total, 18,200 vacancies will go to food services.

Confirmed the forecast, the vacancy offer for the activities that make up the survey would reach, in 2020, the largest contingent of temporary workers hired in the country for carnival since 2014, when 55,600 jobs were filled.

The ten most demanded professions in tourism services must represent 63% of the vacancies offered, with emphasis on those linked to food segments outside the home, transport and accommodation. The average monthly salary paid to these professionals (R $ 1,909.73, about $ 443) should be 4.2% higher than last year.


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