Embratur and Fornatur align promotion strategy

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Embratur and Fornatur align promotion strategy
Thu February 20, 2020

State Tourism Secretaries present demands from the sector and propose measures to strengthen the Agency's performance in international markets

On Tuesday (18th), Embratur's CEO, Gilson Machado Neto, received the president of the National Forum of Secretaries and Directors of Tourism (Fornatur) and Secretary of Tourism of Mato Grosso do Sul, Bruno Wendling, to align strategies for international promotion in Brazil. The meeting also had directors, managers and coordinators from the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion, as well as secretaries from the states of Acre, Amazonas, Federal District, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Paraíba, Piauí and Rondônia.

Gilson Machado highlighted the importance of the participation of Brazilian states in the construction of joint actions to promote Brazil abroad. “We, at Embratur, value the work of the state tourism departments, which are the great holders of information about destinations. I am sure that President Jair Bolsonaro also knows the importance of states for the international agenda. By signing fundamental measures for the sector, such as visa exemptions, opening to international airlines and signing the Provisional Measure that turns Embratur into an Agency, the President of the Republic meets the old demands of the Brazilian trade and guarantees more openness for investments and increase in the tourist flow in the country ”, highlighted the CEO at the opening of the meeting.

In addition, Machado asked for support from the secretaries to reinforce the importance of the approval of MP 907/2019, which transforms the Embratur autarchy into an Agency. “With a more robust budget, we will be able to enter the international tourist scene once and for all. After the visa waiver and the transformation of Embratur, with courage, President Jair Bolsonaro attests to his commitment to the sector, which is one of the most important for the generation of jobs and income in the country ”, he said.

During the meeting, the president of Fornatur presented proposals and lines of action for joint action between Embratur and the states. One of the Forum's suggestions is to produce a market study, with the expertise of the tourism departments. State representatives also highlighted the importance of establishing structured and continuous communication. “We know that Embratur has market information and competitive intelligence. What we want to propose here is that we, the states, be heard, as we have specific interests. In addition, we can help in defining positions for diverse and more controversial subjects, for example. We want Fornatur to be able to influence Brazilian public policies and international promotion, because this is our mission: to strengthen, subsidize and assist the country in publicizing Brazilian tourist destinations ”, said the president of the Forum.

In the end, the secretaries present highlighted the main demands of their states, such as participation in international fairs, and suggested a next meeting with Embratur and the Ministry of Tourism for the month of March, still with no defined date. The objective is to better design the joint promotion strategy.


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