Civitatis arrives in Mexico

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Civitatis arrives in Mexico
Alberto Gutiérrez, Civitatis
Thu February 27, 2020

The leading company in the distribution of excursions and guided tours online in Spanish speaking opens operations to present an extensive portfolio of activities

Civitatis, a company of Spanish origin, offers the best of two worlds by merging online tools with the experience of the best professionals in the creation of excursions and guided tours; which has allowed it to become the leading company in the sector, currently offering more than 32,400 activities in 1,160 different destinations distributed in 120 countries.

The history of Civitatis goes back to 2008, when Alberto Gutierrez Pascual, its founder and CEO, began writing free travel guides and shared them on the internet to earn income from advertising or affiliate programs. However, the idea of ​​selling excursions and guided tours in Spanish came a year later, with an extraordinary anecdote: Alberto was traveling through Africa and noticed the disorder and the general chaos that prevailed in the tourism of one of his cities, so He imagined how it could improve the situation and the result was the creation of a company that offered unique experience within a click but in its language, making the process of discovering the world easier for Spanish-speaking travelers. And so Civitatis was born, a company that just finishing the year 2009, already sold tours in seven important destinations for Spanish travelers.

12 years later, Civitatis has not only continued its growth, but supported by the extraordinary vision of its creator and its professional multidisciplinary team, they have made Alberto's passions - tourism and internet - a benchmark in the tourism industry; It shows, the more than 3.65 million travelers who have enjoyed their portfolio of activities booked through its platform, being Rome, Paris, Madrid, New York and London, the most popular destinations among its travelers.

"Mexico is the country with the most Spanish speakers and Civitatis is the world leader in excursions and guided tours in Spanish. We are the perfect couple. We want to be in the minds of Mexican travelers at the same level as we are in Spanish. We already have thousands of clients in Mexico, we are excited to start with our official communication in this country that we love and whose culture transcends borders, "said Alberto Gutiérrez, founder and CEO of Civitatis.

In addition to excursions and guided tours in Spanish in the main tourist destinations in the world, Civitatis offers excellent support and customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus ensuring that Spanish-speaking travelers enjoy the most worry-free activities.


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