Turismoi seeks to expand its horizons

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Turismoi seeks to expand its horizons
Fri February 28, 2020

The technology firm born in Peru offers an online platform that has the largest catalog of tours, activities and experiences in Latin America and Spain


There is no doubt that technology has forever changed the tourism market and it is important to know the latest developments to be at the forefront. During the Anato Tourist Showcase, we have been able to talk with Diego Arbulu, president of Turismoi, a company that provides a tour and activity distribution platform and has a presence in his native Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

Arbulu mentioned: "We offer the largest catalog of tours, activities and experiences in Latin America and Spain. We work with more than 2000 local companies in the 6 countries with a total of 5000 published tours."

"We distribute them in our own sales channels with more than 500,000 users. We also distribute through OTAs and travel agencies."

"For agencies we have tools that offer guaranteed availability, low prices and a really complete catalog. Besides, the commissions are really interesting."

"We started in 2014 and our model has mutated but we have always provided technology, in our origins we offered CRM software with online payment gateway. We were adding functionalities until we reached the product we have today."

"We are focused on distributing tours of Latin American markets and the largest number of users for now is also in our region."

"Our platform is really robust, we do not work outsourced developments, so we can connect with all kinds of business partners".


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