Economy class passengers may have horizontal beds

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Economy class passengers may have horizontal beds
Mon March 02, 2020

The prototype is called SkyNest and was designed by Air New Zealand. The rest capsules can be purchased additionally​


Air New Zealand, the New Zealand flag airline, will release its prototype rest space with sleeping capsules horizontally during flights. Baptized as Economy SkyNest, this innovation will be available on international long distance flights.
SkyNest consists of a rest area consisting of six sleep capsules that travelers can occupy only once during their trip. As an innovation, it is the result of three years of research, with the contribution of more than 200 clients and a direct response to their needs.
Travelers who want to enjoy a moment of rest during their flight can hire SkyNest in addition to their seat in Economy. Being an additional service, travelers will not lose their seat when they decide to use this new Air New Zealand service.
The measures of each capsule make it suitable for both adults and children. Its length is approximately 2 meters and its width at shoulder height is 58 centimeters. In turn, each capsule will include the following items:

Full-size pillow
Bed sheets.
Ear plugs.
Privacy curtains
Lighting suitable for sleep.

The items that Air New Zealand is still analyzing include in the development of this product are USB connections, reading light and capsule ventilation.
The Head of Marketing and Customer Service of Air New Zealand, Mike Tod, presented this initiative as a direct response to the needs of customers: “As an airline, we operate some of the longest flights in the world, where Class travelers Economic do not have the opportunity to stretch, ”he said.
For its part, the General Manager of Customer Experience, Nikki Goodman, said that the responses of the customers and the crew during the final phase of testing the product were encouraging.
“We are confident that this innovation will change the rules of the game for the industry and will bring significant improvements to long-distance flights. We are going to a flight experience in which an economy class traveler has a quality rest and lands at a destination ready to continue traveling. ”
The SkyNest fire test will be on the Auckland-New York route, which is about to open. According to its performance on this route, the airline will evaluate next year the possibility of offering this innovation in new connections. On the other hand, the airline has not yet defined the price of this service.


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