SiteMinder launches ‘Insights’

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SiteMinder launches ‘Insights’
Tue March 10, 2020

It is a new tool to guide hotels towards a new intelligent distribution model

SiteMinder, the leading guest acquisition platform in the global hotel industry, today presents Insights, a series of intelligent monitoring and analysis tools that aim to open the doors to professionals in the sector towards a new era in digital distribution. These developments will be automatically available to users of the SiteMinder platform, both for those who use the channel manager and the booking engine or the intelligent rate management tool. In this way, hoteliers will have access from a single platform to a large amount of key data about their market, their guests and the performance of their business, collected clearly and concisely.

The presentation of SiteMinder Insights arises from a study carried out by the company in 2019 on the main concerns of hoteliers worldwide. Among the most common, were:
Meet the growing expectations of guests (shared by 71% of participants).
To be able to anticipate and manage demand in a context in which last minute reserves do not stop increasing (shared by 62% of participants).
Rethink sales and marketing strategies, including prices, due to the presence in the Airbnb market (shared by 58% of participants).

When asked to indicate the primary reasons for using technology, participants mentioned the possibility of improving the management of room rates and prices, the importance of reducing the time spent on administrative tasks to focus in the service offered to guests and the ability to be more proactive regarding local competition as three of its five main reasons.

"Although the offer of technological solutions designed to facilitate the work of hotels has not stopped increasing, many of them do not have the necessary options to face the constant fluctuations in tariffs or changing expectations of consumers, which they are looking for an increasingly personalized experience at the best price, "explains Inga Latham, product manager at SiteMinder. "The general tendency to search for bargains is a behavior that generates great satisfaction for consumers and, in turn, tends to respond positively. This behavior is what is driving the continuous growth of last-minute reserves and pressing hoteliers make discounts on their prices to stay competitive. "

"Understanding guests is crucial. The concept of distribution has completely evolved. It has gone from being a transaction focused on managing room rates and availability to becoming a data-driven strategy and market analysis that affects guests at all stages of their trip and that helps hoteliers make decisions. SiteMinder Insights allows hotels to plan their sales and marketing strategies in a smarter way, always maintaining the integrity of their brand".


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