Home working: a new culture of relationship between companies and employees

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Home working: a new culture of relationship between companies and employees
Wed March 18, 2020

Alejandro Bianchi, President of Liveware IS brings us a column where he analyzes this phenomenon that has been prevailing and that today allows the world of work to continue operating despite the Covid-19 pandemic

Teleworking options have been available for several years, what happens is that as communications and in particular Internet capacity have improved, these options have become more efficient and economical for companies and are currently enhanced by the benefits of Cloud Computing. Security aspects have also evolved through, for example, the use of VPNs to guarantee access and secure information flow. In our opinion, the problem is not so related to technology, but rather to the cultural and process aspects of companies. Working remotely requires a collaborative work culture and the provision of processes that facilitate the sharing of information between the different areas of the company and obviously, have their applications prepared for this type of operation.

The combination of technology, culture and processes allows creating an environment where teleworking is the center of a new culture of relationship between companies and employees. The benefits, beyond those specific to companies, also contribute to the improvement of the environment and the search for a sustainable economy.

The options offered by companies are varied and oriented to different sizes of companies and particularities of the operation: highly sophisticated systems such as those offered by companies such as Cisco, to relatively low-cost or free products (depending on the configuration), such as offered by Microsoft with its Teams platform and Google Hangouts and Drive, Zoom, Skype, to name a few known ones. There is a universe of companies in the area of ​​communications and Internet services, software and infrastructure that offer a variety of services and products available for the spectrum of companies in Argentina. It should be noted that at the current juncture CESSI, (Chamber of Software and Computer Services Companies), is working to help SMEs companies to implement these practices through services provided by chamber member companies in the same way as It will dedicate efforts to guide companies on how to carry out the analysis and select the best option for each of them.

Although there is no statistic of which sectors are most demanding teleworking, those of financial services (banks, insurance, retail companies), to name a few, are those that would have an increasing demand, but in general any company could implement, in whole or in part, the practice of teleworking. What is very true is that those companies that achieve good implantations of this type of work adopt it and rarely go back. As we said before, technology exists, it is safe and efficient, what must change is the culture of organizations.

Information technologies have a fundamental role in health and in particular in situations such as the current situation. The spectrum of solutions ranges from the development of applications for medical teleconsultation, applications for monitoring infected and / or suspected patients, to applications for real-time information on the evolution of the disease, analytics applications to predict Behavior of the disease and the population in order to facilitate the actions that must be taken and, fundamentally, keep the population informed with real and consistent data.


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