Ten unmissable virtual museums in Brazil

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Ten unmissable virtual museums in Brazil
Tue March 24, 2020

While you cannot travel to enjoy its wonderful destinations, the largest country in South America, shares invites you to learn more about its art and culture through technology

Brazil, in addition to the beach, jungle, soccer and carnival, contains a valuable historical and cultural heritage. Centuries of tradition and art are treasured in spectacular physical venues. But, in times that force the virtual experience, many of its collections can be appreciated thanks to the alliance with Google Arts & Culture, an entertaining and accessible way that leaves exposed, at just a click, the best of artistic expression and architectural of that country.

10. Castro Maya Museum or “Chácara do Céu” (Rio de Janeiro)
The Chácara do Céu Museum and the Açude Museum constitute a museum complex consisting of what were the residences of the collector and patron of the arts Raymundo Ottoni de Castro Maya, who donated his real estate and the entire collection to the Foundation that bore his name. In the collection, historical names such as Matisse, Modigliani, Degás, Seurat, Miró stand out, among the Europeans and Brazilians there are works by Guignard, Di Cavalcanti, Iberê Camargo, Antonio Bandeira and a wide collection of works by Cándido Portinari. The exhibition also includes an important collection of maps from the 17th and 18th centuries, along with oils, watercolors, drawings and engravings by artists such as Rugendas, Chamberlain, Taunay and Jean-Baptiste Debret.

9. Brazilian Fashion Museum (Rio de Janeiro)
Although the collection compiles the best of the history of national fashion, the building constitutes the main wealth of the museum, preserving memories of the imperial period in its beautiful decorated rooms. It is an architectural jewel, the Casa de la Marquesa de Santos, which dates back to 1827. It has some 3,500 heritage pieces, with objects and accessories from the 19th century, as well as collections such as: clothing, accessories, prints, fans and, among others, the Brazil Império period.

8. Brazilian House Museum (São Paulo)
This is the first museum dedicated to architecture and design in the country. The stable collection brings together furniture and decorative objects that date back three centuries. Its activities include the MCB Design Award, a competition that has been held since 1986 to reward the best design projects, and a documentation project that maps typical Brazilian houses.

7. Football Museum (São Paulo)
With multimedia resources, the museum's objective is to show football not only as a sport, but as a cultural heritage, part of the identity of Brazil. In its six thousand meters, it pays tribute to the best goals, the great names in the sport and also to the pioneering women of a discipline that many times denied them access. It is located in the Pacaembú stadium, in the São Paulo capital.

6. Museum of Immigration (São Paulo)
The collection is a legacy of the Immigrant Memorial, a story of the thousands of foreigners who came to the country and stayed at the Posada del Inmigrante. There are memories made up of family collections that represent the majority of the communities that arrived in the country during the 20th century.

5. Museum of the Indian (Rio de Janeiro)
Founded by renowned anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro in 1953, the museum collects the contemporary and historical diversity of Brazilian indigenous peoples. He has in his custody collections related to most indigenous societies, with 23,176 ethnographic pieces and 15,121 national and foreign publications specialized in ethnology and related areas. It covers 268,623 photographic images, 599 films and videos, in addition to 1,626 hours of moving images and 1,295 sound files.

4. Museum of Modern Art (Rio de Janeiro)
The collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM Río) number around 15,000 works, including sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, installations and contemporary media. MAM Rio also hosts Brazilian exhibition tours and shows abroad, attracting new and wider audiences. The building that it has occupied since the late 1950s, designed by Affonso Eduardo Reidy, is a landmark in modern Brazilian architecture, and its landscaping was carried out by Burle Marx.

3. National Museum of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
After its fire, the oldest scientific institution in Brazil and the largest museum of natural history and anthropology in Latin America, decided to partner with Google to show some of the files that survived digitally. The museum was founded by King João VI on June 6, 1818. The physical headquarters has been in Paço de São Cristóvão since 1892, which was the residence of the Brazilian Imperial Family until 1889. It is now undergoing reconstruction work.

2. National Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro)
Officially created in 1937 by decree of President Getúlio Vargas, it occupies an area of ​​18,000 m2. It gathers a collection of seventy thousand articles including paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, objects, documents and books, establishing itself as a radiant center of knowledge and dissemination of Brazilian art. It is considered the most important art museum in the country and it is located in the historical center of Rio de Janeiro in an eclectic architecture building designed in 1908 by the architect Adolfo Morales de los Ríos.

1) São Paulo Art Museum, MASP (São Paulo)
Located on the main artery of the largest city in Brazil, MASP has a brilliant history and a permanent collection with names such as Portinari, Di Cavalcanti, Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso. In the virtual visit there are more than a thousand virtual pieces, which the user can expand, in addition to finding out about the history of each work, its author and the artistic context of the time.


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