IFEMA, the example to follow

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IFEMA, the example to follow
Thu March 26, 2020

The Madrid fairground has been transformed in hours into the largest field hospital in Spain to care for those infected with Covid-19


Among the enormous lessons that this global tragedy will leave, it will be possible to highlight the fundamental work that the tourism industries and exhibition venues have shown in converting their business to help their community. A great example of this is IFEMA, the Madrid Trade Fair venue that houses FITUR every year, has set up in its pavilions the largest field hospital in Spain in record time.

Its general director Eduardo López Puertas, highlights the titanic work that has been done. "We are extremely proud of the professional teams that have achieved the miracle. We already have infected people and health workers treating them."
Puertas explains the work of the Spanish Army there. "We have asked the military to enable showers and services, because they are 20,000 m2 pavilions, so that the sick do not have to travel as much."
"We have 3 wards in use. One is 5, with 127 patients. 7 and 9 have conduction of liquid oxygen and medical gases with the idea of ​​welcoming 1,200 people from now on."
In addition, he insists that "if it were necessary to expand, we would use the 1, the 3 and the even side. The idea is that each doctor and nurse have around them beds occupied with patients to optimize resources."
"The call to bring health personnel is made through the Community. Here we only receive patients and health workers derived from hospitals."
And it ends with a reflection. "It is impressive to see this site transformed into a hospital. But it is the right thing to do. IFEMA will be here to help".


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