ASSIST CARD launches the campaign "Let´s get infected"

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ASSIST CARD launches the campaign "Let´s get infected"
Mon April 06, 2020

The traveler insurance company shared an awareness message about the current crisis due to COVID-19

ASSIST CARD, a leading company in comprehensive travel assistance, shared a message of awareness of the current crisis by COVID-19 as part of its commitment to the well-being of all. "Let´s get infected" is the name of the provocative campaign that invites you to follow the good and silent actions of those who face the pandemic from their daily lives in different parts of the world.
"Wash your hands" and "do not increase prices" are just some of the points that the audiovisual, produced by the independent agency Founders, invites to "spread". The message, which is already in circulation and available in different languages, is the result of the responsibility ASSIST CARD assumes with society. Thus, it highlights the importance of being united to fight the same enemy.

“We decided to make a disruptive piece because at the moment there is an excess of information and, if we do not attract attention, the message is lost. We wanted to transmit a message in which we could celebrate the people who are doing things well and being responsible in this situation that we have to live as humanity. The responsibility of each one to catch good practices is what will save us from this pandemic, ”said Alexia Keglevich, ASSIST CARD Global CEO.

For his part, Checha Agost Carreño, founder and CCO of Founders declared that "there are good things that happen in crises and we wanted to rescue that, which is also a way of responsibly educating people." In this way, the company responds to the difficult global situation and appeals to the solidarity, responsibility and commitment of all.
 “It is a difficult time and today we continue working more than ever to guarantee the well-being of all our travelers, those who are far away and those who were forced to remain in their residences. We must act with prudence and with the awareness that the future depends on each of our actions and be an example to emerge from the crisis with courage ”concluded the CEO of ASSIST CARD.


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