New virtual tool to strengthen the tourism industry in Colombia

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New virtual tool to strengthen the tourism industry in Colombia
Julian Guerrero, Colombia
Tue April 28, 2020

It trains entrepreneurs in a practical way to give them tools and thus start their internationalization process

Under the slogan let's change isolation for enlistment, ProColombia made its Ruta Exportadora program virtual, a service that enables entrepreneurs in a practical way to give them tools and thus begin their internationalization process.

In order to take advantage of digital tools in times of social isolation, ProColombia updated its Tourism Export Route to generate virtual content through Tourism Capsules, a series of videos by modules that seek to train entrepreneurs to prepare and respond to the new dynamics of the industry and the new trends derived from this situation.

The capsules are made by the speakers that are part of the Export Route of the entity and are aimed at entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, associations and entities that want to start their tourism training route with a view to international markets.

It is important to highlight that this type of ProColombia actions obey a gradualism strategy and, being consistent with this, it is sought that entrepreneurs improve their capacities by training with online tools and, in addition, that they have continuity in processes with the entity and with other entities that are part of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

“As part of the strategy to reactivate tourism, we are providing entrepreneurs with all the tools to keep their companies updated with plans for refocusing and redesigning products and experiences according to the new type of consumer and changes in market behavior. We found that some new trends are towards sustainability, a greater use of technology and to guarantee high standards in biosafety, ”said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The videos, whose access will be free, will be hosted from April 28 on the ProColombia Business Portal. Weekly, three to four capsules will be uploaded, which will be divided into the following chapters: Laying the foundations, National Reactivation, Deepening and Strengthening for internationalization, in which topics are developed around business management, industry challenges, marketing and digital tools, sustainability and trends of new tourism products towards international markets, among other topics.

"This digital version of the Export Route responds to the new needs of entrepreneurs in the midst of this situation in a versatile, tailored and personalized way. The Capsules seek to be didactic so that entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and communities continue to prepare at home. It is key that we continue to work for tourism and be ready when it recovers, ”added the President of ProColombia.

For his part, Julián Guerrero, Vice Minister of Tourism, explained: "This situation we are experiencing is not to stay still, but to act and adapt, it is for this reason that the adaptation and migration of the Export Route Program is a great announcement. Tourism towards a virtual scheme. This will allow us to continue delivering to our entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, through virtual capsules, the necessary tools to strengthen their businesses and generate skills within them. In addition, this new digital strategy becomes a support for the reactivation of the tourism sector in the country”.


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