Present and future of Colombian travel agencies according to ANATO study

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Present and future of Colombian travel agencies according to ANATO study
Thu April 30, 2020

On average, a -70% decrease in gross sales is reported so far this year as a result of COVID-19

ANATO, with the aim of knowing the current status of its Travel Agencies, developed a survey in which they stated what the impact has been on their companies, and will determine the road map that they will establish once the crisis ends.
Likewise, the results of the survey offer inputs to establish which aspects should be strengthened in the actions with the National Government, and thus obtain greater reliefs that allow them to cope with this situation, which has generated a reduction of -70% of their gross sales. throughout the year.
The Agencies, since the confinement began, have worked from their homes supporting tourists in rearranging their trips for future dates. According to the respondents, of the total number of passengers who decided not to travel, 43% chose to postpone their trip.
The foregoing indicates that 57% will be accepted by Article 4 of Decree 557 which establishes that users will be able to obtain a refund for services that the Agencies themselves provide, this during the validity of the health emergency and for up to one more year.
“We are concerned that our Associates had 42 days of cash flow to sustain themselves at this juncture and that time is already up. Furthermore, more than 90% of Travel Agencies are micro, small and medium-sized companies, so this scenario is worrying. Our subsector is badly beaten and although we recognize the aid that the Government has given us, we need more support for the survival of our companies and the preservation of employment, ”said Paula Cortés Calle, ANATO's executive president.
Likewise, the survey revealed that of the Travel Agencies surveyed, 32% assure that their operations will normalize in 2021; 15% in September; 14% in June; 13% in July; 10% in August; 8% in November and 7% in October.


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