Conservation work pays off in Porto de Galinhas

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Conservation work pays off in Porto de Galinhas
Tue May 05, 2020

The paradisiacal Brazilian destination that stands out for its extreme care for the environment announces the birth of a new generation of sea turtles

Porto de Galinhas is a destination known for its crystal clear waters. But it also stands out for its concern in the conservation of the marine ecosystem, a biological jewel made up -among other species- of ox-fish, crabs, turtles and seahorses.

The NGO Ecoassociados monitors the beaches for the preservation of sea turtles. Thus, last weekend Porto de Galinhas, on the southern coast of Pernambuco, registered the birth of more than 150 sea turtles of the Pente species. According to the organization, the turtle breeding season occurs from October to May, with a peak between January and March. Although the period is ending, there are still many developing nests in the region. During these months, a large number of nests were protected and thousands of hatchlings reached the sea.

Porto de Galinhas Convention & Visitors Bureau supports the work of Ecoassociados, which is dedicated to the conservation and care of endangered sea turtles. The species is at risk because its shells are sought to make jewelry and combs, among other products.

Likewise, the NGO monitors in the spawning areas and in the rehabilitation of turtles, contributing to environmental education in the region. A particular case is that of the buggy companies that travel the beaches with their vehicles: after placing fences around the turtle nests, the eggs are protected from destruction and greater environmental awareness is created among providers and tourists.


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