10 attitudes that reveal professionalism even in the midst of the crisis

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10 attitudes that reveal professionalism even in the midst of the crisis
May 06, 2020

Daniel Colombo, one of the most prestigious coaches in Latin America, shares with us a valuable report where he reveals how to be more efficient in the midst of the pandemic

“In the midst of chaos and crisis, the lack of professionalism is most noticeable in the collaborators. There are things that are, and cannot be half-hearted. And one of them is professionalism ”, one of my clients, an entrepreneur in the automotive sector, told me.

It is in these moments where the masks fall off and those who truly have it are revealed.

In the world of work one is or is not a professional; no half measures. And we know that having a professional degree does not guarantee professionalism.

It is, then, about having the quality of excellence applied to the development of a certain activity, where values, responsibility for the process and the result, commitment to the task and superior quality are highlighted at all times.

Although conceptually speaking of professionalism in people with academic degrees, it also applies to all kinds of professions, disciplines such as art and sport, the most diverse trades, and it would be very good if it were also assumed in high-driving areas. of companies and governments.

In the midst of crises, another type of micro crisis usually breaks out, notably affecting the dynamics that have been completely altered by events.

With this framework, real professionals are perceived from a distance; those who, placed on the challenges, possess maneuverability, emotional balance, decision-making skills and, at the same time, the fundamental aspects of their trait of excellence in performance.

Understanding that crises produce deviations in productivity and in the emotional world of all people, true professionals assume it as a challenge to overcome, something that motivates and encourages them to lead with greater effort and enthusiasm.

It is not minor to speak of professionalism in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, since, in the midst of the storm, it is these people who can sustain the course as best as possible, and accompany those who, for lack of commitment or for comfort or impossibility Emotional about how to deal with problems, they become paralyzed with no ability to act.

10 attitudes that show you are a professional even in the midst of crises

Coping with an extremely difficult situation depends largely on attitude. In general, people tend to classify experiences as "good" or "bad", and from there they act accordingly.

In times of challenge, the tendency is that the prevailing sign is the negative.

Starting from the basis that emotions are essentially neutral, and that what makes them positive or negative is how I act or react to them, we can also think that a good trait of professionalism is to adopt the third type of attitude: the neutral.

In this case, it does not mean to remain stagnant watching the events unfold, but rather we will separate ourselves for a moment from the whirlwind of chaos and the emotions found to distance ourselves, observe without judgment or hasty interpretations, without reacting automatically. The goal is to have an expanded vision so that, from there, you can apply intentional attention to the decision you make.

The usual thing in crises is to react and overreact. Another behavior is to run away, walk away or hide from the problem.

The professional really knows how to operate, graduating his energy and that of his surroundings to be able to move even in uncertain terrain.

And it is the sum of details that makes them consistent, another quality that goes hand in hand with integrity in the competences that they possess.

These ten attitudes make a big difference between who is a true professional, and others:

1-You fulfill all your commitments. There is no place for excuses because environments require brave and quick decisions.

2-You renegotiate in time what you cannot assume. At moments V.I.C.A. (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), things change permanently. So it is a good professional to renegotiate the forms of what you cannot assume.

3-Punctuality and neatness. In any aspect it marks the distinction between good and bad professionals.

4-Cooperation. This spirit arises with more force in the crises, and it is perceived who makes it a main value.

5-Solidarity. In this case, professionalism is manifested in the fact that they share (common union) with other people and networking networks supporting the greater good of those who need it.

6-You care about others. As a team member or leader, your approach to knowing how the people around you are and acting in ways that support and uplift even in the midst of the worst of the moment is genuine.

7-You manage to balance personal and professional life. Excellent professionals know how to maintain a balance between the two areas of life because they are aware of the importance of quality ties.

8-You set aside time for yourself. Another distinctive feature is that, in addition to their high level of professional compliance, they do not postpone their personal time, since they need to recharge batteries to return strengthened to the high demand they have.

9-You pause and avoid overloading yourself. Within the working day, active breaks are scheduled and optimally organized, prioritizing what is important over what is urgent, and coping with what breaks through with a spirit of improvement and contribution.

10-You share only valuable and timely information. To have professionalism in a crisis is to contribute in the best way with valuable contributions, having an expanded 360 ° vision to anticipate major problems, and knowing how to see the market trends in which they operate. They are agents of change.

And you, do you have professionalism?

Daniel Colombo is a Facilitator and Executive Coach Master specialized in senior management, professionals and teams; professional communicator; international speaker; author of 30 books. LinkedIn Top Voice Latin America 2019. Member of the John Maxwell Team.

Books: www.amazon.com/author/danielcolombo
Instagram: daniel.colombo
Twitter @danielcolombopr


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