IFEMA confirms that it will host exhibitions again

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IFEMA confirms that it will host exhibitions again
Thu May 07, 2020

After having operated as a hospital during the Covid pandemic, the activity will start in the last four months of the year with the celebration of more than 60 fairs and congresses

#SeguimosSiendoNosotros is the slogan with which IFEMA starts its own de-escalation and rearms itself for its return to activity once the hospital lights are turned off and after two months of intense days. The return, estimated for September, is accompanied by a tight schedule in which dates are being adjusted for more than 60 fairs that will be concentrated until the end of the year, throughout the last four-month period of 2020. Among the fairs scheduled are many of the calls that have been postponed as a result of the health crisis.
IFEMA's effort during this period of impasse has focused on maintaining the largest number of fairs on its calendar, and thereby causing the least impact on the economy of the sectors represented.

Technology and creativity to resume your events
However, this return to activity will come with important news. And it is that IFEMA is preparing to face the limitations that the new current situation will surely impose, with the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology to ensure controlled access of concurrent capacity at its fairs and congresses, as well as the latest equipment for monitoring of the temperature located in the main accesses of all the people who attend their calls, among other security distance control systems and other measures.
But attendees will not only experience this new way of parameterizing health status and attendance volume per square meter, but they will also learn about the new fair model that is already being worked on, and which will guarantee the effectiveness of the hybridization of those contents that allow to replace and complement commercial relationships and face-to-face B2B meetings with the help of technology, among many other novelties.
With this, and faced with the challenge of promoting fairs as excellent business hubs, IFEMA has opted to adapt to the changes that the health crisis will inexorably impose by promoting creativity, research, the willingness to take risks and the desire to search constant opportunities for its clients.
"In short, it is a matter of redesigning what the different events will be like from now on to satisfy the new requirements for health security and mobility of people," says Eduardo López-Puertas, CEO of IFEMA, who expresses “The importance of the role that IFEMA plays in these moments of adding value to companies, and helping to revive the economy. A challenge that will contribute to the recovery of the sectors called, as well as all those whose revitalization depends largely on business tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, transport and cultural and leisure activities ”.

The objective of the digital campaign is to give visibility to the work of service to society and the business sector carried out by IFEMA, and to focus on the effort to recover its activity, and to boost the activity of companies as well, offering safe spaces and professional and public meetings fully adapted to current regulations.


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