LATAM implements new hygiene and safety protocol

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LATAM implements new hygiene and safety protocol
Thu May 07, 2020

The airline reinforces its measures for those customers traveling during the pandemic

LATAM Airlines Group and its subsidiaries announced that as of May 11 the use of masks will be mandatory for both passengers and command and cabin crews, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Association of Air Transport (IATA)

This measure will be implemented on all national and international flights of the company. It is important to clarify that the acquisition of said protection elements is the responsibility of each passenger.

Regarding the protection of workers, crew and equipment in operational areas, the company announced that they will have personal protection elements (PPE) such as masks, gloves and alcohol gel. It is important to highlight that the Group modified part of its maintenance operation in Brazil and Chile for the production of masks that will be used by the teams.

Likewise, the company has implemented additional measures to maximize security levels in its daily operation:

During check in:

LATAM adopted interspersed service positions, reinforcing the social distance of 1.5 meters between each client.

The cleaning and disinfection of the passenger service area was also deepened.
LATAM has self-service terminals at all the airports where it operates, guaranteeing an autonomous service that avoids going through face-to-face counters.
It is recommended to anticipate the check in through the available digital channels (, LATAM App), as well as privilege the use of the digital boarding pass.
LATAM recommends the use of masks in common areas of airports. It is recommended to pay attention to the measures taken by the authorities of each country in relation to the carrying and use of security elements in public places.

On board:
Since the start of the pandemic, LATAM has reinforced all of its aircraft disinfection procedures.
Gel alcohol available on all aircraft.
Reinforcement of hygiene protocols on board by instructions from the crew.
In relation to on-board service, the service routine has been adapted to reduce the need for on-board interaction.

On land:
After disembarking, the cleanliness of the aircraft has been reinforced to the highest market standards. Improvements have also been applied to the removal of belongings from the luggage belt at airports, thus fulfilling the social distance between people.


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