Air France launches temperature controls on all flights

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Air France launches temperature controls on all flights
Mon May 11, 2020

Clients with fever will not be able to board and their reservation will be modified free of charge for a later departure

Starting today, and in order to guarantee the best level of health security, Air France will progressively deploy a temperature control device at the departure of all its flights. This systematic check will be carried out with non-contact infrared thermometers.

To travel it will be necessary to have a temperature below 38 ° C. Customers with a higher temperature may be denied boarding and their reservation will be modified without charge for a later departure.

As of today, it is also mandatory to wear masks on all flights operated by Air France, in application of the French state slogan of mandatory to wear a mask in transport.

Clients will be informed, before their trip, about these new provisions through all communication channels (email, sms, web pages).

These measures complete the device put in place by Air France and its partners to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis. These are the main measures:

· Obligation to wear masks for all baggage members and agents in contact with customers.

· Reorganization of the customer's ground journey with application of the physical distance along the entire route at the airport and installation, whenever possible, of Plexiglas protection screens at airports.

· Application of physical distance measurements on board whenever possible. On most flights, low occupancy rates currently allow space between customers. In cases where this is not possible, the use of the masks by all the passengers and the crew guarantees adequate health protection.

· Reinforcement of daily aircraft cleaning procedures, with the disinfection of all surfaces in contact with customers such as armrests, folding tables or screens.

· Implementation of a specific periodic procedure for disinfecting aircraft with the spraying of an approved virucidal product whose efficacy has a duration established for ten days.

· Adaptation of the on-board service to limit the interaction between customers and crew members. On French domestic flights and short flights in Europe, catering and beverage services have been suspended. On long-haul flights, cabin service is limited and priority is given to products wrapped in film or individually. Neither can the sale of duty-free items nor the distribution of press in paper format be offered on board the aircraft. The press and magazine offer is still available, free of charge, through the Air France Play application, and can be downloaded before the flight.

In addition, the air in the cabin of Air France aircraft is renewed every 3 minutes with “High Efficiency Particulate Air” (HEPA) filters, identical to those used in operating rooms. These filters remove more than 99.99% of the smallest viruses, including those whose size does not exceed 0.01 micrometers, ensuring compliance of cabin air with quality standards. Coronavirus-type viruses, whose size ranges from 0.08 to 0.16 microns, are filtered by HEPA filters.

For Air France, the health and safety of its customers and staff is an absolute imperative. All company personnel are mobilized to guarantee their clients the best level of health security and guarantee a smooth journey.


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