WTTC protocols to reactivate tourism safely

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WTTC protocols to reactivate tourism safely
Gloria Guevara Manzo, WTTC
Tue May 12, 2020

They were designed in close coordination with private industry and according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO)


The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) presented global protocols to revive the tourism sector and to build trust among consumers, to travel safely once the critical phase of the Covid pandemic is over. -19.
The measures were designed by representatives of the global tourism industry based on medical evidence and according to standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC), and seek to standardize criteria and provide health guidance to providers, travel operators and tourists on the new approach to health and hygiene in the world.
Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, said that "the protocols reflect the new face of tourism and seek the prompt revival of the sector, the recovery of jobs and compensate for the enormous financial losses caused by the fall in tourism due to the pandemic" .
"It is essential that there is coordination in the sector and that global measures are implemented to return consumer confidence, and that they be adopted by governments and the private sector," he said.
The protocols were carried out in consultation with WTTC members and with organizations such as the Airports Council International (ACI), the International Cruise Association (CLIA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
He stressed that the axis of these actions is the health of travelers and tourism service providers, and they will apply in the hospitality industry, aviation, air terminals, cruise ship operators, retail trade, transportation and tour operators, among many others. The announced measures include the following protocols:
Deep cleaning and hand washing processes between staff and guests.
Disinfection of room cards and promotion of electronic payment.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers on each floor, entrances and exits.
Disinfection of TV controls, light switches, thermostats and door handles.
Cleaning and reduced capacity in elevators, as well as promoting the use of stairs.
If possible, delivery of breakfasts in the room.
Buffets must ensure that guests do not handle food.

Business establishments:
Deep cleaning and social distancing with special visual markers.
Use of face masks and, if possible, thermal scanning.
Promotion of digital maps, queue management, electronic menus and virtual purchases.
Promote contactless payments, email receipts and free WIFI.
Hand sanitizer at the entrances and exits of stores, bathrooms and other points.
Management of seats and rows according to the requirements of social distancing.
Capacity limits in parking lots, to avoid overcrowding.

In the coming weeks, protocols will be announced for the rest of the industries, including aviation and cruise ships, among others, which will consider distancing protocols, major disinfection, sanitation and cleaning processes, in addition to the use of technology at some points to reduce contact. human.

Comments from some WTTC members
The WTTC initiative has been endorsed by top CEOs and business leaders from the travel and tourism sector.
Federico J. González, President and CEO of Radisson Hospitality, said: “We need to make sure that the travel industry speaks the same language and that every consumer understands what security means in hotels, regardless of their location. Having a common global protocol will allow consumers to recognize the same safety standards wherever they travel. The WTTC protocols will make this same language possible for the benefit of all, which is why the Radiddon Hotel Group supports this initiative and hopes to help expand them as much as possible in the world. ”
Keith Barr, Executive Director of InterContinental Hotels Group, stated: “As an industry, we have always made the safety and well-being of guests and colleagues our top priority. IHG is proud to support the WTTC in setting up this best practice guide in areas such as cleaning and hygiene, all supporting training and preparedness for hotel teams. This important work illustrates how our industry can come together to provide the peace of mind and confidence that will be so important as people return to travel. ”
Brett Tollman, CEO of Travel Corporation, stated: “Our industry faces an existential threat. We need to define new protocols and measures to ensure that people's trust travels again, for pleasure and business. The WTTC is the right way to work with all the governments, the WHO and other organizations necessary to agree on how we are going to operate in the new normality of tourism. Let us put aside our differences, let us speed up the definition of the new protocols with the WTTC and let us convince people to travel again. "
Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.com Group, stated: “For us, the safety of travelers is always our priority. We are more than happy to see the WTTC set global standards to ensure a safe experience and restore confidence to all travelers. "
Alex Zozaya, President of Apple Leisure Group, commented: "I am deeply concerned about the travel situation today around the world, we must regain traveler's confidence. We must avoid the confusion and uncertainty that prevails in the market today. The WTTC has created these universal protocols, which we hope, like us, to happily embrace. We thank you for your support. "
Pansy Ho, Executive President and CEO of Shun Tak Holdings Group, said: “Shun Tak, being a committed investor in regional transportation, integrated hotel and destinations in Hong Kong, Macao and China, fully supports the efforts of the WTTC to drive the rebound. tourism sector. We stand in solidarity to support travel and tourism once again, under the valuable guidelines established by putting safety, health and sustainability as priorities as we come together to revitalize our industry. "
Gabriel Escarrer, Executive Vice President and CEO of Meliá Hotels International, stated: “Safe travel and confidence in health are the new priorities, and they are here to stay: the pandemic is a common concern for companies and destinations worldwide . It is a shared responsibility for all of us to work together and offer global health and safety standards against COVID-19. We welcome WTTC-approved global standards that belong to all of us. ”
Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of Room Mate, said: "The WTTC is promoting very good initiatives and I really think that is the way to do it. We have to work together. As a private sector, we know how to deal with our sector. The public sector You should listen to us, we want to help. "
Sabina Fluxà, Vice President and Executive Director of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, stated: “This crisis has demonstrated the importance of global coordination to overcome the vulnerability of the tourism industry and become more resilient. We cannot work with heterogeneous measures depending on each country, we must face the new scenario with global standards that guarantee the sustainability of our sector. Monitoring in the medium and long term is very important, and incorporating health security as a new pillar of global sustainability. Health and the environment will be the key axes of a resistant tourism policy ”.
Carlos Muñoz, Managing Director of Hotelbeds, stated: “This important measure not only gives our sector greater clarity on best practices in response to COVID-19, it will also provide greater confidence to travelers when booking a hotel and, for Thus, it will help the tourism sector to recover more quickly. That is why at Hotelbeds we will support this initiative and we are spreading it, so that travelers take it into account when booking a hotel. "
Frank Rainieri, President and Founder of Grupo Puntacana, said: “We have to congratulate the WTTC for its leadership and publish these global guidelines for the reopening of our industry. This pandemic has caused significant damage to the value of our industry and we must lead this recovery process and assure people that the hospitality sector is safe. The WTTC will help renew consumer confidence in travel, which is the most important goal for each of us. "
Shirley Tan, CEO of Rajawali Property Group, stated: “Recovery of tourism is vital to prevent millions of people from being driven into extreme poverty. Rajawali Property Group, one of the leading hotel investment and development companies in Southeast Asia, fully supports the global initiatives of the WTTC to bring together governments and private sectors, to establish critical global standards and protocols to ensure safe travel, accelerate the recovery of the global tourism and reshaping the travel and tourism industry for the future. "
Hugo Desenzani, CEO of Libertador Hotels, said: “For the first time in recent history we are facing a closure of travel as we know it. The good news is that no pandemic will take away our deep-seated desire to explore and discover, and we will soon be traveling again. Because a global problem requires a global solution, we fully support WTTC and its initiative on consistent and global safety guidelines, which will allow our guests to travel and feel safe. "
Enrique Calderón, Director of Operations for Posadas, assured: “We recognize the WTTC for motivating us as an industry to continue thinking about the future and the importance of our work. We are delighted to participate in the compelling creation of global hospitality standards. Thanks to WTTC's efforts to implement global consistency and guidelines, we can assure our clients that hospitality will return soon. ”
Chris Nassetta, President of the WTTC and President and CEO of Hilton, noted that “we see green shoots of hope emerging as our global community turns its attention to recovering from the pandemic. We know that travelers will venture out again when they feel it is safe to do so, so it is important to give them the confidence they need. The global protocols that the WTTC has established are designed to align the travel and tourism industry with consistent health and safety guidelines that will help protect travelers wherever their journey takes them. "
It should be noted that in 2019, the travel and tourism sector contributed 10.3% of world GDP, was responsible for generating one in four of the world's new jobs and, for nine consecutive years, outpaced the growth of the world economy Therefore, the WTTC considers the revival of the sector to be of the highest priority.



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