Cotelco presents its seal "Together against Covid"

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Cotelco presents its seal "Together against Covid"
Gustavo Adolfo Toro Velásquez, Cotelco
Tue May 12, 2020

"Hoteliers see the importance of regaining the trust of guests, as this will be one of the primary aspects for the revival of tourism," said its CEO Gustavo Toro Velásquez

Faced with the contingency presented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that has affected all the economic sectors of the country, including, of course, hotels and tourism, which will also be one of the sectors that will be reactivated later, the Colombian Hotel and Tourism Association - Cotelco, created the program that grants the Seal "Together against covid", aimed at hotels, to support the incorporation of biosafety protocols that allow accommodation establishments to prepare to provide guests with a The most demanding service in terms of cleaning, cleaning and disinfection, in order to send a message of confidence and tranquility to visitors.
"Hoteliers see the importance of regaining the confidence of guests, as this will be one of the primary aspects for the revival of tourism. From the lodging establishments we have a commitment with our visitors to provide security and that those who stay in hotels with the Cotelco seal "Together against covid", have the guarantee that the implementation of biosafety protocols is adequate and thus they can rest and feel at home, ”said Gustavo Toro Velásquez, national executive president of Cotelco.
The program designed to obtain the Cotelco Seal "Together against covid", has a training component in biosafety protocols that will be carried out virtually and a face-to-face audit, through which experts in the field will verify compliance of the standards to define, if presented, compliance gaps that allow establishing a work plan for the hotel to adjust its processes and procedures.
The training component is designed for entrepreneurs and collaborators in the hotel industry to become aware of the importance of correctly implementing biosafety protocols and for such implementation to be carried out exhaustively and correctly, knowing their responsibility and consequences in the event of generate breaches.
The Cotelco seal "Together against the covid" includes the protocols contained in resolution 666 of the Ministry of Health, which is transversal in nature for all companies, and which will include the specific resolution for accommodation establishments, which will be issued in the next few days , and which had the participation of Cotelco during its preparation.
Thus, the initial training phase has five modules that address the general aspects of biosafety, the general biosafety protocols for accommodation and guest management, for handling food and beverages, for the use of areas humid and for common areas.
"Together against covid" also aims to convey to guests the message of a shared responsibility, where we are all responsible for minimizing the chances of spreading the disease.
At this time, the program is being piloted in Bogotá, in two hotels belonging to the Metro Hotels operator, such as Holiday Inn Bogotá Airport and the Hotel Hampton By Hilton Bogotá Airport. In addition, the NH and GHL chains have been linked to the program.
With this initiative, Cotelco seeks to prepare the Colombian hotel industry for a responsible opening of operations, with compliance with the protocols defined by the Government to generate trust in guests.


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