New Galaxy Vacations healthcare protocol

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New Galaxy Vacations healthcare protocol
Wed May 13, 2020

The Florida's operator has just announced in a statement a number of initiatives it is implementing to re-operate

Galaxy Vacation, a select representative firm of Walt Disney Travel Co, Universal Orlando Resorts and Seaworld Parks & Entertainment, today released a statement detailing its new health protocol that will apply to re-operate as soon as it is authorized. We share the text below:

During the Covid-19 situation and for the protection of our passengers as well as members of our team, we are implementing the following travel protocols that we must comply with and ask to be followed. It is important to mention that all the measures implemented are regulations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The entire fleet of Galaxy Vacations vehicles are cleaned and disinfected daily based on CDC regulations. The disinfectants used are designed and approved by the FDA, with two objectives, first to destroy all viruses and secondly to keep the environment sanitized regardless of the entry or exit of passengers for 24 hours.
Our work team (drivers, coordinators and support team) will be checked regularly for the safety of our passengers. As well as the correct and responsible use of masks and protection elements.
The entire vehicle fleet has a new UV light system whose objective is to promote the decontamination of any virus that may be present.
The cleaning and sanitation systems that are carried out are certified by the FDA and authorized CDC of the USA.
With respect to all passenger luggage, before boarding our vehicles they will be compulsorily cleaned upon entry without prior notice. (It should be noted that this process may take more time than previously occupied in each service. This should be taken into account when considering schedules).
Passengers must consider that we will not be able to accept full vehicles at maximum capacity. The maximum travel capacities will be: VANS of 14 passengers- will be able to carry a maximum of 8 passengers. Buses of 57-58-59 passengers can carry a maximum of 30 passengers.
Passengers must compulsorily wear masks or face covers for as long as they remain inside the vehicles.
To all our passengers, temperatures will necessarily be taken with pistol thermometers. Passengers who reflect high temperature will not be able to enter the vehicles. We have an emergency protocol on how to deal with symptoms.
New protocol at the time of entering our transport fleet; When accessing the vehicles, the passengers sitting in the back must enter first and the last passengers to board will be those who take the seats in front.
It should be noted that as the start of operations, different regulations and facilities will be managed, always with the aim of taking care and protecting the health of our passengers and our work team.


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