Tierra del Fuego analyzes the reopening for the winter season

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Tierra del Fuego analyzes the reopening for the winter season
Mon May 18, 2020

The President of the Instituto Fueguino de Turismo, Dante Querciali, held various video conferences with actors in the tourism sector

Querciali stated that he had a videoconference with the Chamber of Tourism and its partners, where he discussed the winter season and the possibility of opening in July. Among other topics, they addressed the start of the activities of the Cerro Castor winter center, trying to open it in the second half of July, always depending on how the health situation is progressing.

The President of INFUETUR also referred to the resumption of commercial flights to the province as a fundamental factor, commenting "so that the activity is reactivated, we also depend on connectivity in the area that until now is limited with special flights",

Querciali also commented that last Wednesday he met online with owners of the winter centers of the Tierra Mayor Valley, "the intention is to make a winter opening on July 1, it is a project since we depend on how the health situation in around the pandemic. "

"We want to prepare ourselves to carry out the attention of the local public with all the necessary precautionary measures, bearing in mind that activities in snow allow for social distancing, which is why at INFUETUR we are working on protocols for employees of winter centers , and the visitors, "added Querciali.

Finally, he made reference to the future video calls that he will have with more actors in the tourism sector, commenting that he is planning a meeting with the Hotel Association "to plan a joint promotion that will mark Tierra del Fuego highlighting our strengths around a safe destination for when it is time to travel and for the purpose of reactivating the economic activity of the sector and the province. ''


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