According to ANATO there is uncertainty in the Colombian tourism sector

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According to ANATO there is uncertainty in the Colombian tourism sector
Paula Cortés Calle, ANATO
Thu May 21, 2020

The extent of preventive legislation and the lack of precision about the moment in which the industry will normalize, makes planning difficult

If the majority of the economic sectors in the country have been able, to some extent and gradually, to market their products and services, tourism has been the industry that has been able to survive due to its temporary suspension of operations and its late reactivation. .

With the passing of the days, the actors of tourism have been waiting for a concise answer on the opening of the market and on aerial and terrestrial connectivity, but the extent of the preventive isolation and the lack of precision about the moment that will occur the normalization of the sector, making it difficult to plan a strategy for the future on the march of the sale of tourist packages from the Travel Agencies.

If you have to be clear that the marketing of the products of the Agencies depends on the opening of the flights, hotels, among others, and requires a previous promotion. Colombians and service providers remain uncertain about when they will resume activity. Do not expect that one time there will be a reactivation, the business will be dispatched, as it is also necessary to summarize the fact that there is now the confidence to return to travel and the loss of many hairs.

“Again, we insist that we need exceptional and different measures to be stipulated for other industries, because it will be tourism in the last sector in order to be able to work again and eventually recover, and the crisis increases as there is no closure for normalization. su operación ”, señaló Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

And I added that in the communications sent by the National Association of Gobierno, if there was an emphasis on the credit lines, several of the Associated companies had a problem accessing them, and for those who took the credits, the grace periods were short It is estimated that a reactivation of the industry to a short time. On the other hand, the application of VAT, crossed with the contribution and paid of parafiscales, a subject in which the Association requested its exoneration for the sector, less until 2021.


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