Brazil launches new protocol at airports

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Brazil launches new protocol at airports
Thu May 21, 2020

Brazilian airlines and airports must adopt new health measures to prevent Covid-19

In addition to the permanent use of masks by passengers and employees, the two-meter distance between people and the cleaning of terminals and aircraft, the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by workers is indicated, depending on the situation. ; the promotion of communication campaigns and the dissemination of sound warnings, among other actions.

The guidelines, whose objective is to reinforce the safety of those who still need to travel, are the result of a protocol update by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) (Access the text here). The guidelines are implemented by a working group under the command of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Recommendations also include discouraging crowds and careful organization of boarding and disembarking procedures.

The Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, points out that attention to the health of travelers is essential in the current scenario of restrictions and helps prepare the market for a return to normality. “We need not only to guarantee the safety of tourists today, but also to adopt measures that allow us to travel in the future. In tourism, we started a program that will define health protocols and certify establishments that follow good practices. These actions are fundamental for the resumption of tourism ”, he maintains.

Anvisa's new protocol also recommends the suspension of on-board service on domestic flights. In the case of maintenance, priority should be given to food and beverages in individual and disinfected containers, the same procedure applies to international travel. Globally, air transport already has technologies against virus transmission. An example is the special air filtration in the most modern aircraft, technology currently used by the entire fleet of Brazilian companies.

The Ministry of Tourism develops the first stage of a program that will create health safety protocols and good practices for the different activities in the sector. The "Protected Tourist" seal will certify establishments that meet hygiene and cleanliness requirements, according to the specificities of each branch. The measure is part of the initial actions of the Brazilian Tourism Recovery Plan, coordinated by MTur and which seeks to reduce the impacts of the pandemic and prepare the sector for a gradual return to normality.


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