Sectur holds a meeting with the Mexican Association of Travel Agents of Mexico City

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Sectur holds a meeting with the Mexican Association of Travel Agents of Mexico City
Thu May 28, 2020

The secretary of Tourism of the federal government affirmed that the investments that are underway will not be stopped

This morning, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, participated in the video work meeting carried out by the members of the Mexican Association of Travel Agents in Mexico City.

He told them that today we are living unimaginable moments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has shaken the economy in all areas and internationally.

In the case of ours, he pointed out that almost eleven million Mexicans depend on tourist activity, of which 4.3 million enjoy direct employment and the rest are indirect.

He added that Mexico has many tourist attractions of all kinds, but the backbone is the talent, creativity and experience of entrepreneurs and service providers, among which are travel agents.

He specified that last year works for 287,700 million pesos were launched in the 32 states of the country, which will generate 90,300 hotel rooms and 79,000 new jobs, investments that will not be stopped. "I have been talking to investors and it favors that these works will take a year and a half, so they are within the time of recovery," he said.

He added that today more than ever it is essential that the entire tourism sector works together, and in this process travel agencies will play a strategic role, since they are a fundamental factor in the commercialization of the tourist offer of a destination, both locally as regional, national and international.

He also invited them to get on the VisitMexico digital platform, where they can consolidate sales directly without having to pay any commission.

He maintained that other actions that the federal Tourism Secretariat is undertaking and to which they can be added are the Tianguis Turístico Digital, whose first edition will take place next September, where they will be able to negotiate directly with the suppliers of products or services; as well as the second edition of the Magic Towns Tianguis, to be held in the city of San Luis Potosí in November, where there will be a Business area where it will be possible to hold meetings under a pre-established appointment schedule.

Another is the Tourist Tianguis, which in its 45th edition will take place in March of next year in Mérida, Yucatán, in which there will be news such as being the first inclusive in its entire history, since blind people with Down syndrome or in wheelchairs, because everyone has the right to participate, with special infrastructure for them.

Finally, the head of Sectur asked travel agents to pay attention to the weekly indications that the Ministry of Health will be giving, which based on the Covid Traffic Light will inform of the restart of activities in the different tourist destinations in the country.

For his part, the president of the AMAV-CDMX, Julián Arroyo, stressed that for his Association it is very important that the next Tourist Tianguis is the first inclusive in its entire history, since several of its members are dedicated to that sector and, therefore, they are very interested in participating.

He also stated that last year they witnessed the success achieved in Pachuca with the first Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos, so they are now ready to participate again in the second edition that will take place this year in the city of San Luis Potosí, "which will be a factor for the revival of the tourism sector," he said.

In the afternoon, Secretary Torruco Marqués also participated in a meeting with tourism service providers in the state of Querétaro, to which the VisitMexico team presented the digital strategy designed to contain the effects caused by the pandemic, as well as to promotion once the activities in the tourist destinations are resumed.

At this working meeting, in which the entity's secretary of Tourism, Hugo Burgos, was present, the tourism service providers expressed their doubts and contributions on issues of new normality, health guidelines, security, Magical Towns, sustainable tourism and tourism. of romance, among others.

Regarding the use of the Magic Towns logo, the head of federal Sectur specified that, without any problem, it can be used by the authorities and all service providers of the 121 Magic Towns in the country, such as taxis, restaurants, hotels, tacos, operators, travel agencies, artisans and any other.


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