Palladium has partnered with SGS to apply new standards

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Palladium has partnered with SGS to apply new standards
Thu May 28, 2020

The hotel chain and the leading company in inspection, verification, analysis and certification combine their experience to create a hygienic-sanitary protocol

In order to continue offering travelers carefree vacations and protect their collaborators, Palladium Hotel Group has partnered with the world leader in the SGS sector for the certification and implementation of a new safety and wellness protocol that The hotel group has created to ensure that its 48 establishments, both in America and in Europe, continue to be safe environments.

This agreement is based on SGS's review of the procedures designed by the Palladium Hotel Group and on the verification of their implementation in hotels through an auditing process that will certify full compliance with hygienic-sanitary standards. For this, the instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) are taken into account, as well as the guidelines set by the competent authorities of the six countries in which the group is present.

“During our 50 years of history, our highest priority has been people and we have always striven to preserve their well-being. For this reason, in these moments in which it is key to quickly adapt to the new reality that surrounds us and it is necessary to generate trust, we have wanted to launch this new hygienic-sanitary protocol in collaboration with a leading company such as SGS with the aim of offering the maximum health and safety guarantees for both our collaborators and our clients and that they, in turn, can continue to enjoy a stay full of experiences ”, says Raúl Benito, Chief Operating Officer of the group.

For his part, Alejandro González, Managing Director of SGS Spain, added that “in the face of this triple crisis we face: health, economic and trust, the role of SGS as an independent third party and our experience in the tourism sector "It allows us to offer a first-rate service to ensure that the highest health and hygiene standards are met to protect both guests and employees."

A firm commitment to safety
The Palladium Hotel Group protocol includes new norms and processes, as well as improvements in the safety, quality, hygiene and health standards of all the hotels of the Spanish hotel group globally.
In addition to having the collaboration of SGS as an independent entity, the Global Council for Safety and Customer Experience of the Palladium Hotel Group has been established to develop these measures, chaired by Raúl Benito, Chief Operating Officer of the hotel group, and composed of directors operations, commercial directors, quality directors, food and beverage directors of the different hotels and brands and other independent technical advisers.
Through this committee and SGS's external audits, strict compliance with new standards in hotels will be ensured, in addition to adapting its implementation according to the needs of customers, each establishment and current legislation in each of the countries in which the hotel company operates.
Within the new measures, the Palladium Hotel Group will adapt its cleaning and disinfection processes in its facilities, will launch hygiene initiatives such as the location of disinfectant gel or the incorporation of new materials and protection systems, will use all procedures to offer the maximum food security and will adapt spaces and mobility in order to preserve social distance, among other actions.
On the other hand, in the continuous desire of Palladium Hotel Group to innovate and equip its hotels with the best technology, the company plans to have new disinfection systems, to encourage customers to check-in and check-out in a timely manner. online and enhance the digitization of all information through mobile applications, web portal and television.
Likewise, employees are carrying out specific training plans and a guide of good practices for clients, suppliers and collaborators has been established.
Under the commitment to maintain excellence in product and service, all these actions that the Palladium Hotel Group incorporates always take into account the health regulations of each country with the aim that their guests and collaborators are protected at all times and feel comfortable. as cared as if they were at home.


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