SKY reactivates its flights in Chile from June

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SKY reactivates its flights in Chile from June
Thu May 28, 2020

The low cost airline, which had suspended its operations in March, will start a progressive reactivation of its flights in accordance with the decrees of the health authorities

More than a month after suspending its flights, as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, SKY announced that it will reactivate its domestic operations in Chile from June 1. For international flights, the estimated date of return is June 28, considering the regulations of the countries where the company operates.

Currently, the airline is working on its protection plan on board, with initiatives focused on minimizing any risk of contagion as much as possible. Among them, the blocking of central rows stands out to ensure physical distance and constant sanitation of the cabins.

SKY's fleet of Airbus A320 Neo aircraft has 99.9% effective filters that trap microscopic particles, including the coronavirus, ensuring that the total cabin air is renewed every 3 minutes.

Regarding compensation measures for affected passengers, the Chilean low cost extended the delivery of a voucher -equivalent to the total value of the ticket and valid to buy and fly until December 31, 2020- for clients with scheduled domestic flights until on May 31 and international until June 28.

For those who buy tickets before June 28, the airline will have its flexibility policy active for date changes or itineraries without penalty.

"We postponed the start of SKY operations to June 1 to fully fulfill our commitment to the safety and health of all our workers, passengers, collaborators and citizens," said SKY CEO José Dougnac.


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