Demand, liquidity and protocols, main concerns of hoteliers

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Demand, liquidity and protocols, main concerns of hoteliers
Fri May 29, 2020

Public-private collaboration will be key to respond to the concerns and challenges of the sector and guarantee the viability of the Spanish hotel industry in the coming months and years

This is one of the conclusions of the study carried out by the CETT-UB, a leading university center for tourism, hotels and gastronomy attached to the University of Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with an ESADE professor, in which the impact of the COVID-19 in short, medium and long-term investment decision-making by state hotel establishments.

The research has included decisions in different areas, such as the implementation of reform improvements, the training of employees, as well as what are the concerns of the industry, the redefinition of target customers and business models in a situation that It has had a great impact on the tourism sector.

The redefinition of the business model and the target clients, among the aspects analyzed by the study

The study, carried out by Dr. Oriol Anguera-Torrell, director of the GRATiR CETT-UB (Research Group on Tourist Accommodation and Restaurants) and Jordi Vives, professor at ESADE, has taken into account the actions of more than 180 managers of establishments Hoteliers, both independent and those belonging to a chain, located throughout the Spanish territory, in rural, urban and coastal environments, and of different categories, reflecting the characteristic features of the industry.

Dr. Anguera-Torrell highlights that “the study allows us to have a vision of how hotel establishments approach recovery and what aspects they are working on or contemplating. So it is also interesting to know what their main concerns are. ”

The 10 keys of the study
1-The contraction of demand, liquidity problems and the new protocols to be implemented to guarantee security are the main concerns of the hotel sector.

2-59% of hotel establishments in Spain are carrying out or are considering the possibility of redefining the profile of the target customers of their establishments.

3-The redistribution of the budget in actions and commercial campaigns is positioned as the main trend for attracting new customers.

4- 68% of establishments are doing or plan to promote internal training actions for their employees. This is especially the case for accommodation located in rural settings.

5-70% of the hotels are carrying out or plan to carry out complementary maintenance actions for their facilities.

6-More than half of the hoteliers are doing or plan to take advantage of the moment to make reforms in their establishments.

7-29% of hotels consider the current situation as an opportunity to rethink their business model; the new customer segmentation, product innovation and a higher digitization and automation index being the main directions considered.

8-Establishments located on the coast or in rural settings have a greater predisposition to redefining their business models as a result of the current crisis.

9-Public-private collaboration will be key to respond to the concerns and challenges of the Spanish hotel sector.

10-Great dynamism and competitiveness of the Spanish hotel sector, which has been able to understand the situation generated by COVID-19.


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