Joint position for the reopening of aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Joint position for the reopening of aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean
Mon June 01, 2020

The International Airport Association and the International Air Transport Association have teamed up to ensure coordination between airlines and airports

The proposed layered approach for all stages of travel is intended to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission at airports and on board aircraft and to prevent aviation from becoming an international reinfection vector. Those measures should be globally consistent and subject to review, improvement and elimination if they are no longer necessary to ensure a uniform recovery.
The aviation industry faces the greatest crisis in its history. The fight to contain the spread of COVID-19 has paralyzed international air transport, with disastrous consequences for airlines, airports, and all businesses and citizens whose livelihoods depend on air connectivity. As borders are reopened across the world and restrictions are lifted, we must tackle the task of resuming air connectivity in an aligned and coordinated manner.
We are pleased to present the document prepared by ACI together with IATA "Safe Restart of Aviation", which is fully signed by ALTA. This joint approach has already been shared with ICAO.
"Safety has always been our top priority in aviation and that includes public health. Restoring air connectivity is vital to reviving economies across Latin America and the Caribbean, many of which are highly dependent on aviation. This is essential to rebuilding socio-economic well-being. Our layered approach of measures recommended by airports and airlines safeguards public health while offering a practical approach to a gradual resumption of operations. This is critical to restoring public confidence in our industry, "said Peter Cerdá, IATA Regional Vice President for the Americas.
"ALTA supports the joint IATA and ACI document 'Safe Aviation Restart', as it is a great job to find common ground on both sides of the operation, on the ground and in the air, allowing a safe return for our collaborators, passengers and service providers Industry organizations are working on the development of regulations that will be applied in a harmonized way regionally and globally to start operating even more safely, giving confidence to users and operators and offering once plus an essential service that generates economic and social development in our countries through its catalytic effect, "said José Ricardo Botelho, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA.
"Airports have been handling air cargo and emergency flights throughout the crisis and are now ready to receive commercial passengers safely once again," said Rafael Echevarne, CEO of ACI-LAC.


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