More than 300 Latin travel agents trained about Río Negro

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More than 300 Latin travel agents trained about Río Negro
Tue June 02, 2020

The Patagonian province stands out for its wide beaches with calm and warm waters, the largest ski center in the Southern Hemisphere and a plateau surrounded by mystique in southern Argentina

Located in the northern part of the Patagonia region, Río Negro is known in the world for hosting one of the most coveted destinations in our country: San Carlos de Bariloche. This incredible city, in the southwest of the province, dresses up every winter season for having the largest ski center in the southern hemisphere and for all the snow activities it offers. However, in summer times it is also one of the top attractions of Argentine tourism.

However, Bariloche is not the only great Rio Negro destination. On the eastern side of the province, Viedma, the capital, is one of the historical cities of Patagonia, with an important rhythm of life. Near it is located one of the most popular spas in the country, such as Las Grutas. Its calm waters and pleasant temperatures summon thousands of travelers when summer arrives.

The Somuncurá Plateau, in the south central Rio Negro, has gained considerable consideration in recent years. Between the typical steppe of Patagonia, the wind and the mystique of the region, the adventure is unforgettable.

For wine lovers, the Alto Valle wineries are ideal to stop for a moment and enjoy a glass of Merlot, one of the best varieties in this part of the country.

And it is important to mention the memorable Tren Patagónico, which crosses the province from east to west, from Viedma to Bariloche. Inspiring muse of writers and filmmakers, this is a direct journey into the heart of Patagonia.

The options are endless. In this way, the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Province of Río Negro convened more than 300 travel agents from Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico at the Meet Río Negro online seminar.

Río Negro is the heart of Patagonia and a destination that awaits with open arms to international tourism.


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