Playa Hotels & Resorts launches the Playa Safe Stay initiative

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Playa Hotels & Resorts launches the Playa Safe Stay initiative
Wed June 03, 2020

The renowned hotel chain will prepare to restart its operations on July 1, 2020 under the highest security standards

The renowned hotel company Playa Hotels & Resorts, with a portfolio of 21 all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, will prepare to restart its operations on July 1, 2020 under the highest security standards thanks to the Playa Safe StayTM initiative. , developed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the expectations of its guests.

“The Playa Safe StayTM initiative responds to the concerns of our future guests, mobilizes the resources and knowledge of our allied brands Hyatt and Hilton, and develops solutions,” said Bruce Wardinski, President and CEO of Playa Hotels & Resorts. “Based on our philosophy of providing Service From The Heart, Playa's all-inclusive experience combines the large open spaces of our resorts and its low density with the guarantee of trust provided by our partner brands, offering a product superior to any other. In this new environment where trust and familiarity are paramount, we are ready to be the first choice for guests seeking an all-inclusive experience free of health and safety concerns, ”said Wardinski.

On Monday, April 27, 2020, Hilton announced the Hilton CleanStayTM initiative by implementing the protective use of Lysol in its new cleaning standards, responding to the growing demand from customers who prefer recognized and reliable brands, either in terms of accommodation or Cleaning products. Playa, in its resorts operated under the Hilton brand, will run this program from June 2020, increasing the sanitation of the rooms and introducing novel preventive measures such as “checking” of cleanliness in front of the guest through a special seal in the room indicating: "cleaned just for you". Other aspects of the Hilton CleanStayTM program include security protocols upon arrival and during registration through distancing, changes in preparation and in food and beverage service, and extensive training of resort staff in all areas and departments. .

On the other hand, in its resorts operated under the Hyatt brand, Playa Hotels & Resorts will activate the Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment initiative, launched worldwide by Hyatt on Wednesday April 29, 2020, a commitment that includes the accreditation of the property by the newly formed the World Advisory Council on Bio-risk (GBAC). GBAC accreditation critically examines every aspect of the experience to ensure a safe environment for every Hyatt collaborator and guest, including staff training, use of more effective sanitation and hygiene products, improved food safety, distancing standards social and extension of protocols in guest rooms. The execution of the program will be completed before September 2020.

"Our existing relationship with the Hyatt and Hilton teams has positioned us ahead of our competitors when travel around the world stopped due to the Coronavirus," said Alex Stadlin, Director of Operations for Playa Hotels & Resorts. As global hotel brands, they both brought their first insights into the first outbreak in China and have been by our side during the process of adapting to changes and new guest expectations, ”said Stadlin.

As part of the Playa Safe StayTM initiative, the Playa team is also expanding rigorous antiviral cleaning protocols and preventive measures at the Panama Jack Resorts, Jewel Resorts and Sanctuary Cap Cana. Highlights include reconfiguring common areas , public spaces and kitchens to maintain adequate social distance, communication of preventive measures to guests through accurate signage, more frequent cleaning of areas and high contact objects such as door handles, remote controls, elevators, telephones and thermostats. Intensive and constant employee training and rigorous accreditation for local service providers (such as transportation, on-site tour agencies, etc.) is being implemented before resuming normal operation of the resorts on July 1, 2020.

Playa Hotels & Resorts has recently launched the “Sea You Soon” campaign with special rates and discounts at its Hyatt Ziva and Zilara, Hilton All-Inclusive, Panama Jack Resorts, Jewel properties.


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