Sectur meets with members of the Mexico City Hotel Association

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Sectur meets with members of the Mexico City Hotel Association
Thu June 04, 2020

The Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government explained the work they have done, together with the Ministry of Health

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, led this afternoon a video meeting with members of the Association of Hotels of Mexico City, in which more than 300 affiliates to this organization participated, chaired by Rafael García González.

The head of Sectur said that in recent weeks he has held more than thirty meetings with the various sectors of the tourism industry, both to show them the digital strategy implemented to contain the crisis stemming from the Conavid-19 pandemic in the country's tourism sector. , such as the actions carried out in this area with a view to restarting activities in this industry, which is so important for the national economy.

He specified that all these working meetings with chambers, associations, confederations, councils, the mayors of the 121 Magical Towns of the country and with those of the main tourist municipalities of the Mexican Republic, as well as with legislators and state tourism secretaries, They have been very productive and have served, mainly, so that all those who are part of this sector are updated on the work that Sectur is carrying out and the way it is doing it.

He assured that direct communication with members of the tourism industry is the best formula for full understanding and for the most effective help, with a view to carrying out teamwork in this great community.

"We have also already begun to meet with tourism service providers from each of the states, which has marked another direction in the tourism sector's relations with the branch's own ministry, another direction because they thus know first-hand what the reality of the situation that we are living, and the work that we are doing at this very difficult time, but with enormous challenges that we are going to overcome, ”he said.

Secretary Torruco Marqués reported that after the positive results recorded in 2019, this march was interrupted in late February by the appearance of the pandemic, so from the beginning he began to work closely with the authorities of the Secretariat of Salud, headed by Jorge Alcocer Varela, and with Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell, appointed official spokesperson for this crisis by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

As a result of this close collaboration, in early April a protocol was issued, agreed upon with the Ministry of Health, to determine under what conditions foreign tourists stranded in our country would be cared for, as many international flights were suspended.

Subsequently, on April 23, a second protocol was released that established the health measures to be applied by all accommodation establishments and food and beverage establishments, prior to a reopening.

He added that on May 12 a meeting was held with the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero and several governors, in which it was determined that much attention had to be paid to the tourism sector, for which they entrusted a working table to the respect.

Thus, with the participation of federal, state authorities and members of the private initiative, a third document was prepared that contains the guidelines for health security that must be applied by establishments of all kinds in the tourism industry, in order to operate when this sector is reactivated in the tourist destinations of the country.

He stated that for the preparation of this document, the standards applied in the United States and those recommended by the World Health Organization and the World Tourism Organization were taken into account, to be aligned with international provisions and thus give more confidence to visitors. foreign.

In this way, a draft of more than 130 pages was obtained, which was delivered to the Ministry of Health and then to the governors of the ten most tourist entities in the country, to obtain their points of view.

"That was the document that was released at the National Palace, which covers the segments and sectors of tourism activity, from airlines and airports, to immigration areas, luggage, waiting rooms, ground transportation, hotels in all its areas, tourist guides, museums and theme parks, among many others, "he said.

During the meeting, the team from the VisitMexico platform, led by businessman Marcos Achar, made the presentation of the digital containment strategy and later there was a question and proposal session for the participants in the session.


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